New Giant on Cardano. Why you need to buy ADA. let see.

BITTREX:ADABTC   Ada / Bitcoin
New Giant In Crypto Revolution.

Today one of happy day to Me and My team, Congratulation to All Cardano holder.

What happens to Cardano?
Market cap: 31million (Top 5) today

price already break out Fibonacci 261.80% today.
officially this is wave 3 (minor) in making.

the highest price will go clearly to run 423.60 Fibonacci. but this is too high for Candlestick Anatomy. My opinion at this formation it possible we be wave 4. this means

Price will be legging range 14000-12000 Satoshi. why at this price?

a Lot of investors will be aware this level.
1) pump investor and the retail investor will change the rhythm of market turning down happen to reach $30 usd maybe at 2019.
2) If break out above 14000 this mean we already maintain the 30-40M market cap and if maintain market cap at 60-100B . wait a moment 2018 at price $5-$9 easy. possible soon or by the end this year.

at this moment I still keep my Cardano. until hit Minimum $20.. hehehe I hope..

okey .. to all ready . Happy new year 2018. hope all a Cardano Holder will be Rich and Millionaire.

any comment welcome

For it to be 20$ it needs to double the current BTC market cap. Is this possible?
Phản hồi
XmOkEy SyferCV
@SyferCV, Not in 2018 ;)
Phản hồi
2019 is possible 20$ :)
See how global marketcap grow now...
Will one day be superior than gold marketcap !
Cardano HOLD till death !!!!
Phản hồi
XmOkEy CryptoJulio
@CryptoJulio, ahaha true. I'm having an internal fight with ADA. I want to hold it, but I also want to day trade it on its way up.
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