April 16-17: Big day for major crypto-market

BINANCE:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin
Hello traders,

I don't usually post controversy ideas, but there is a very important findings that I want to share to you all.

In my old analysis, I predicted that Cardano will break out after the inverse head and shoulder pattern. However, every time I made that prediction, Cardano always decided to bounce downward rather than going up.

As a matter of fact it happened not once, not twice. As a matter of fact 4 freaking times in last month.
1: March 14th
2: March 21st
3: April 4th
4: April 9th

As you can see from the chart, every time Cardano hits orange top line we see Bitcoin decide to crash. I find this pattern extremely fascinating, and this pattern will probably continue for few more days. Or maybe not.
You see, both Cardano and Bitcoin have been bouncing within the triangles, and it is evident that something BIG is happening very soon!! (April 16th-17th)

So why is this a big day? You see, in US this is the date when tax is due so it seems like investors are dragging as much as possible so that they can avoid any complications in their tax.
In other words, we will probably see major movement until that day.

Then a million question is are we heading up or down!?? Unfortunately, I do not have answer for that question. However, I personally believe that we truly hit the bottom and we will see a huge market recover after that day.
If you still have fiat to invest and earn some extra buck, this may be a great opportunity to get into the crypto-space. I believe that 2018 will be the year of crypto-currency as major government bodies and countries are starting to formulating regulations on this niche market. In other words, if people don't see potential in technology, government would rather ban cryptocurrency rather than formulating regulations.

It is matter of time that we will see the truth.

Happy trading!!

If you like my ideas or analysis, any donations are welcome :)
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Bình luận: What did I tell you?? Every time Cardano hits that orange line, Bitcoin starts to tank.

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