ADA/USDT Bullish on ADA. Will the resistance hold? Dont think so

Hi Guys

I think we might get some ADA             action soon. Decision time is inbound. All the info, news and charts look positive regarding this coin. I believe we will break the 63-65cent resistance early next week. A lot of noobs always judge coins on their highs but what the seasoned trader does is look at the lows. The lows were getting less deep every time. To me thats a signal of a potential bullish movement. Dont forget ADA             has a ROADMAP update on the 5th of FEB. After this consolidation ADA             will have to choose a direction and Im betting on UP. If the green trend line breaks. We are going back down and ADA             will keep fighting this resistance.
Good luck.

TA über alles.
As long as Ada doesnt break its previous low (red line support) we could still assume we are in an uptrend. Although there is a lot of FUD in the market now. We are experiencing a near flippening of BTC vs ETH, theres the Tether fud and your usual government anti crypto news. This all makes it very hard for BTC in the 1e place and 2e for alts too because they hold hands with BTC. As we know the market always runs in cycles this is only temporary. Regarding ADA the wedge just got longer so patience is key. I hope this helped you in any way
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eugenegous DeepseaDom
@DeepseaDom, Most definitely did thank you. I've noticed the direct correlation between BTC and altcoins; as well as the effect that FUD can have on price. I guess when one does TA one should always take current and future news into consideration (like you mentioning ADA's roadmap that is around the corner). Still learning, so thank you again for helping and providing your insight.
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Thank you for sharing your knowledge; I'll take your insight and lean more towards judging coins by their lows. Since ADA has now broken the lower part of the wedge, how would one go about determining the lower supports until the 5th?
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