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ADVT looking bullish...thank Canadian bears & compliance laws

What do you guys think?
I say it breaks out based off the increase in volume , and the fact that the Canadian markets haven't affected ADVT . Why? They're based in Newport Beach, California.

Here's some fluff:

Also my thoughts in general:
-ADVT looks like a solid company from the top down with expansion in mind, a 2018 projected exponential increase of earnings , and new orders
-Ancillary companies will benefit from cannabis industry without the risk of dropping cannabis prices
-The compliance (ie, packaging) industry will be substantial because as states or countries legalize, compliance laws go into effect (opaque, child proof, etc), companies like ADVT are necessary.
-Ancillary companies aren't bound by state borders like cannabis producers
-Companies first in to secure contracts to big producers, have money behind them, and will likely be the biggest in that industry niche
-Canadian marijuana stock sellers in search for those crazy returns after the Canadian cannabis market started consolidating after that insane bull run.
-US Cannabis market is volatile but cheap, so a mass of people are looking for cheap stocks with growth potential

I guess we'll see.
I'm going long.
Bình luận: Looks like she bounced and looking to break the pennant again. Bulls clearly in charge today, let's see if they have the steam to break out...hopefully see some blue sky!
I wouldn't be surprised if ADVT were knocking on the $1.00 mark in 6 months.
uh oh, lower support broken...lets see how high she bounces
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