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AdEx Trade Setup

AdEx is one of those undervalued coins in my opinion.

Some good news coming by the end of this month and we could see some good price action in the coming weeks!

This trade could be very promising with a low risk/high reward ratio.

You can enter this trade after getting a bullish confirmation (Once we break the upper triangle line.)

If you want to enter now:

BUY: Within the yellow accumulation zone (Between 0.000141 - 0.000088)
Capital management is an important factor to consider especially since we do not have a bullish confirmation yet. I would recommend filling your position 25% at a time. For example 25% at 0.00014, 25% at 0.00013, 25% at 0.000115 and 25% at 0.0001)

Could the market go parabolic before you 100% fill your order? Yes, probably! But capital management is the safest way to trade to minimize your risk and massively increase your profit potential. Do not let emotions or greed play a crucial part in your trading experience as this is the best way to put your hard earned money at risk.

SELL: I have pointed out 3 target profits

STOP LOSS: 0.000075

Good luck and keep profiting :)
Bình luận: We broke the channel with a bullish confirmation. Enjoy the ride!
Bình luận: Good news is coming out! Also AdEx is scheduled to release their main net on or before February 2018. This is 2-3 months from now! I expect AdEx to breach all time highs again if everything goes as planned.
Bình luận: AdEx devs promise the beta platform release by or before February 2018. That is anywhere between the next 2-3 months. Considering the fact that this coin has a low marketcap with a good real use-case, I expect this to explode by/before February 2018
Giao dịch đang hoạt động
Do you think it can go sideway until feb 2018? That's my guess since beginning of november.
Good job by the way!
Phản hồi
Can i ask what made you place the 1 of the fib level at 49817?
Thank You
Phản hồi
JoeFares cryptodl7
@cryptodl7, I drew my FIB from the lowest point to the 2nd highest point as it respects the support resistance levels of the last 3 months. Using the highest price point did not respect or allign with the support/resitance levels.
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