BITTREX:ADXUSD   AdEx / Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
AdEx finally managed to break above the resistance at $1.5, that has been established back in October. There were few attempts to break above that level, but only on the 17th of December price closed above.

Prior to that ADX/USD bounced off the uptrend trendline and the 50 Moving Average on the Daily chart . In addition, it started to produce higher highs and higher lows, suggesting that the uptrend is about to start.

The nearest upside target is seen at 127.2% Fibonacci applied through the all-time high, and that is at $3.25. This is a 100% growth potential for AdEx in a relatively short period of time. Break above that resistance will confirm a longer-term uptrend, while rejection should result in a corrective wave down. Only a close below the 50 Moving Average could invalidate bullish outlook.
Bình luận: Has it started? :)
Bình luận: looking good
Bình luận: looking even better
Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu: yahoooooo
Bình luận: Update, Adex VS Bitcoin
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Wuhoo! Cashed out right one time. You're the best!
Phản hồi
JamesSingh JamesSingh
on* time
Phản hồi
Hey, great calls mister! Happy to be subbed so far.
Phản hồi
good job bro woow
Phản hồi
@Joker7, yes just perfect
Phản hồi
@HiTech, you're just wow my mate i don't bought adx Too bad I just followed you
good bless you bro <3
Phản hồi
What is target here ? Is it still good to buy ?
Phản hồi
HiTech PRO Eyup3349
@Eyup3349, target on the chart, yes good to buy
Phản hồi
Hi! Did your opinion changed because of BTC? I am clueless right now, because if it´s going for a bigger correction then... hmmm :D
Phản hồi
HiTech PRO bouchac
@bouchac, at the moment same view
Phản hồi
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