Monero's brother. The Bullish case for Aeon. Current price $1.40

BITTREX:AEONUSD   Aeon / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Aeon is Monero's little brother. It's maybe the only other cryptonote coin that could compete with Monero on the long term given the feature set the dev wants to implement. A code rebase is imminent and there is a vibrant community growing on reddit. This feels like the early days of Monero. Could lightning strike twice? Consider that 14,651,140 AEON have been mined out of 18.4Million before tail emission. Has the market truly priced in this asset given how few Aeon are left to mine? Is a $1 price really deserving of this fascinating coin? I think the bullish case for Aeon is strong. We may see some very wild movements in this coin to the upside in the next few months, and most certainly by the end of 2018.

Bình luận: We seem to be experiencing friction along the top of the channel. The longer it takes to break the higher the price could go.
Bình luận: Hit the $4 ceiling and bounced off.
Bình luận: Aeon continues to build at $4 - 2018 will be quite the year for this little currency. x10 price increase from today is not out of the question.
Bình luận: Will we leave this channel? 2018 should be an interesting year.
If personified, Aeon would be more akin to a sister figure than a brother
Phản hồi
How do you see the BTC rally affecting Aeon right now? Do you think the floor is 1.70?
Phản hồi
Ero23 bazookajeff
@bazookajeff, Aeon has shown to be disconnected from the rest of the btc market. Or at the very least it's insulated to a degree. I expect Aeon to continue to build slowly but gradually faster through out 2018. I think it will be shocking to see where Aeon is a year from now.
Phản hồi
"To say that Aeon has optional privacy is misleading. Aeon allows one (and only one) zero mix transaction per block. See this comment by Smooth:
Phản hồi
I'm staying away from Aeon. Privacy isn't mandatory therefore the coin isn't #fungible. The killer feature of Monero is fungibility. Without fungibility Monero is no better than any other coin and neither is Aeon.
Phản hồi
Ero23 berryfarmer

See quote and link below.

"To say that Aeon has optional privacy is misleading. Aeon allows one (and only one) zero mix transaction per block. See this comment by Smooth:
Phản hồi
@Ero23, I've made a mistake
Phản hồi
What do you think will happen post bear? Do you think a breakdown already did occur?
Phản hồi
Interesting, for sure. What's the time frame for hitting the top of the channel ($4) (assuming there is one)?
Phản hồi
Ero23 chrisbclark
@chrisbclark, Considering price is already $3.21...
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