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AMZN am Going full LOTO PUTS! Turn .10 into 10.0

Chart Says it all, Parabolic gain like this is never sustainable.
Bình luận: There might be a last exhaustion wave before the fall. Let's see if this makes double top. Just like NFLX.
Bình luận: 1.0 to 10.0 btw the title is misleading.
Giao dịch bắt đầu: AMZN 02/09/2018 P bought at 1.66 each, lets ride it. AMZN is 60% bearish, but when you can make 1K with 200 its no brainer. I am in.
Bình luận: I can feel this price action. stop at -50% it should waterfall, look at the compression.
Bình luận: Its starting now!
Bình luận: lokie a megaphone, what a surprize, lets make some quick doe!
Bình luận: Look at that! so many resistance... down down down down...+40% still counting!
Bình luận: 1.66 call is 2.53 atm muhahahahah
Bình luận: 1.66 put i mean bid 1.90 ask 2.53 enjoying
Bình luận:
Bình luận: waiting!
Bình luận: money money money money.
Bình luận: if this closes below those resistance, we will make thousands tomorrow!
Bình luận: evening star...
Bình luận: rsi nearly there, cross the ema and this goes down
Bình luận: Its just locked between those two lol. 50-50 I am bear, idc
Bình luận: the trade of tres yah babyyyyy
Bình luận: the deed is done!
Bình luận:
Bình luận: look at that berauti
Bình luận: Predicting a flash sell off if amzn goes south!
Bình luận: Put is at 4.50 bought at 1.60.
Bình luận: this is how you make 1K from $100 as promised
Bình luận: 6.80 baby
Bình luận: sold 10 at 5.85. Now riding on the house moneyyy!
Bình luận: Who are in this trade with me ?
Bình luận: we might see a sell-off today. gut feeling around 3:30 ish
Bình luận: 10K with 1.8K. Boom! and still going on the house money
Bình luận:
Bình luận: what is thiisssss!
Bình luận: 20.0 with 1.0
Bình luận: 20.0 from 1.0 !
Bình luận: what the heck just happened.
Bình luận: I think it's going to drop again... before the market close.
Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu: Like always it dipped, I was not brave enough to buy it back again. However this was MY BEST TRADER EVER! I looked at my a/c when it hit the yellow, I was shocked with the figure I temp had. I sold at a market order but still got avg 18.5 - 2.0. Now it closed at 10.0, I call it worth it!!! People who followed this trade, please share your story. THIS WAS FUNNNNN!
And it went to 1200-ish ... :D
Phản hồi
Pretty good analysis and operation! I sold short the stock at 1420 and just win a little bit but better than lose money. will buy back today for upcoming rebounce.
Phản hồi
Avasreader horace.huang
@horace.huang, I think this will go down :D
Phản hồi
Awesome trade! I was trying to follow this one . But it was too late to get in. Puts were up so much already @ 1420. Then the quick fall lol
Phản hồi
Avasreader redapple2017
@redapple2017, Ya lol, I was expecting the bounce at yellow but I was not expecting the .5 correction today. Oh well, tomorrow should be green.
Phản hồi
Avasreader redapple2017
@redapple2017, ATVI going long on er I think :D
Phản hồi
redapple2017 Avasreader
@Avasreader, ok, thanks! :)
Phản hồi
good try, GS was the play friday
Phản hồi
Avasreader GUMBY9662C
@GUMBY9662C, TRY! :D
Phản hồi
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