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still long AMZN @ 15 min @ trading capability this 52nd week `16

Take care
& analyzed it again
- it`s always your decission ...
(for a bigger picture zoom the chart)

This is only a trading capability - no recommendation !!!
Next week i`ll confirm or change my opinion about this SetUp :)
Buying/Selling or even only watching is always your own responsibility ...

Best regards
Jan 01
Đóng lệnh: dừng lỗ: will wait and see what happens while start into 2017 and create this week a new 4XSetUp surely :peace:
Great Aaron. If ever this works than this would be supportive for the overall stockmarket.
+1 Phản hồi
4XSetUps SwissView
@SwissView, i can calm u down :peace: it don`t works by avery stockmarket :cry: look for example FB :wait: :wait: i got the same technical thoughts last week in both shares (FACEBOOK & AMAZON) - but only AMAZON works :) How ever, maybe it`s story driven currently :ok: have a great time :sunny: and by the way, i am enjoying your charts also :peace:
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SwissView 4XSetUps
@4XSetUps, AMZN works because they told unexpected record sales at christmas time. So if ever your set up might be right than lets wait until FB might tell the numbers for Q4
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SwissView 4XSetUps
@4XSetUps, by the way, are you living somewhere in Europa, Aaron?
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