AMZN @ Daily @ Crucial Days until Christmas (year end 2016)

AMZN lost -16,83% from it`s all-time by 847.21 (2016/10/16) until 710.10 (2016/11/14)
Meanwhile the 2nd main upside trend broked also - with a GAP! And this GAP is also the 1st target to get back on a bullish track. I am slightly optimistic, but i want a visual evidence - want to see the shares even to trade between 789.49 & 815.43. Buying before is also an oppurtunity, `cause the downside trend, which even breaked the 2nd main upside trend was left behind while last wednesday trading day ...

How ever, maybe i am too kosher !?
But i want to see the share even trading out of the downside trend - even between the GAP, if it has to be ?!
And from thi points of view, all in all, i am still pretty neutral - and would like go long much higher over next week, if even the broked downside trend holds ...

Possible short-term target for bears are, in my opinion :
  • 736.70 2nd leg of the w-wave
  • 710.00 1st leg of the w-wave

Possible short-term target for bulls are, in my opinion :
  • 792.40 lower middle high of the w-wave & end of the extended downside trendline
  • 843.09 start of the extended downside trendline

For mid-term trendfollower traders the all-time high (847.21) could be a support line to get long - even like the alll-time high from last year by 696.44 (2016/12/29) for bears to get mid-term short once again ...

Take care
& analyzed it again
- it`s always your decission ...
(for a bigger picture zoom the chart)

Best regards
Dec 14
Bình luận: todays red candlestick 780.86 & 762.81
traded between yesterdays green candlestick 782.46 & 762

much more important is the fact that intraday indicators - even like 30 in. timeframe - are slyightly switching in positiv area :) how ever, take care - i am slightly bullish but not ready to buy :flushed:
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