APPC Elliot wave pathway (updated inc alternate count) APPcoins

BINANCE:APPCBTC   AppCoins / Bitcoin
So I have asked for some advice from a friendly fellow Elliot Waver, with much more experience than me.
He's found a similar pathway to me as the primary count (in pink), but also included this potential alternate count of the ABC correction phase (which is in green), which could extend to lower lows before we breakout.

This extended ABC correction scenario is less likely, but still possible.
So let's stay prepared just in case it happens so we don't freak out and sell at a loss :)

Shout out to ben for the help, check out his great EW analysis on steemit:
Bình luận: edit: I changed the secondary ABC correction pathway to orange instead of green, apologies for any confusion.
Bình luận: Looks like we have clearly taken the ABC correction route.
We also have some extra consolidation while BTC works out wtf it's doing.
We should see some sort of impulse soon and it looks like we've truly found at least 75% of the bottom here. I would not expect to see lower than 6000 sats from here unless BTC vomit to $4500 range, as this coin follows BTC like a mirror.
Some stability with BTC and this coin can get back to resuming it's growth waves.
Will keep you updated.
appcoins botBOT - Yesterday at 8:21 PM
It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that one our developers, who for legal reasons shall remain unnamed, went rogue and corrupted months worth of our work. Rest assured, this is NOT the end of appcoin and our team is working hard to replace the lost code but we cannot confirm how long it will take to recover. I want to personally apologize to all of the AppCoin investors for this embarrasing series of events, stay tuned for updates.

Appcoin is dead dude
Phản hồi
kitkat16 PRO x4vpoison
@x4vpoison, haha sure dickhead, it's a HUGE fucking company. Fuck off you fudding troll terd of a human being.
Phản hồi
@kitkat16, you just copy paste this on all charts and replace the coin name ? Piece of shit.
Phản hồi
@kitkat16, yeah it is indeed a huge company, so huge that not even 50% of their coins are circulated LOL
Phản hồi
kitkat16 PRO x4vpoison
@x4vpoison, post a legit link to your fud you bullshit artist.
You can't because it's some copy/pasted bullshit.

Explain yoir coin circulation fairy tale too. That's completely untrue aswell
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Look, im not trying to be an ass, appcoin has a lot of potential
and will for sure get valued more, but in the future so if your
a long term holder, then sure invest on it, but for the short term
6 months or so, it simply just isnt a good investment
we are talking about months worth of work that has been
removed, and an developer that screwed his teammates.

Goodluck, last reply from my side

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x4vpoison PRO x4vpoison
@x4vpoison, My apologies for the inconvience, if there were a way for me to delete my comments i would have done it
after several hours of research and getting in touch with tiago, the message were a false claim to create FUD
the price dropped from 1.30$ to 1.25$ after the claim were sent to the audience and made me believe it were the end for appcoins

Phản hồi
kitkat16 PRO x4vpoison
@x4vpoison, ok then, appreciate the apology. Aptoide is a very big company and the coins that were left over from the ICO were burned. I doubt they'd make a shitty press release like that and that's why I immediately thought it was bullshit. But I understand that some FUD can be convincing. Thanks for clearing things up :)
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