APPC - Buy only if you know the real market cap

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Last week I posted a Warning about this coin because there was any information about the real market cap in CMC             . I made the numbers and was ranked 60º, but people were buying this coin like candy. Now the coin is less than half price, more than 60% of losses, much more than the average. And specially they expected to be by mars at this time.

I suggest to review by yourself the circulating supply of any coin without information in CMC             , and calculate the real Market Capt (Circulating Supply x Price in U$S = Market Cap). That will give you the rank.

You can check that CMC             is cheating because is not giving information about the Circulating Supply (or sometimes is wrong like Loopring).

So if the coin suddenly change the rank from 1.000 to 60º it´s likely the coin will go down. Maybe, if the project have good fundamentals, will return to a good price, meanwhile you lose money.

Other coins without Market Cap right now:
ATM Coin
Bitcoin             Diamond


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Total Supply: 246,203,093
Circulating Supply: 98,481,237
ICO Price: $ 0.10
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its not shitcoin, 200 million users, which coin has a readymade market like appcoin?
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diegomt1986 digitalcurrencylessons
@digitalcurrencylessons, APPC do not have any user, it´s an ICO. 200 million user (fake number) it´s from a related company called Aptoide (a relationship that is in the begging and need to grow) The price was overvalued when I wrote the first article about this coin. Maybe now the price is reasonable.
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Every coin is in the red now , happens every year:

$20000 --> $13195
12/16/17 --> 1/15/18
35% drop

$1200 --> $761
1/5/17 --> 1/12/17
37% drop

$466 --> $359
12/15/15 --> 1/16/16
23% drop

$371 --> $181
12/1/14 --> 1/15/15
51% drop

$1120 --> $500 --> $250
12/1/13 --> 03/01/2014 --> 12/1/14
56% drop

BTC Figures... This is all news FUD, and technical analysis has nothing to do with it. Enjoy those bags of xvg
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@yaezah, Yes the coins are red. But that coin reached 0,00032 and now is 0,00014. 60% drop in 6 days. For a new coin, that promised a lot, it´s a huge drop. The main reason was CMC rank, from 1000º to 60º.
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@yaezah, And just now, APPC is the coin with more losses in Binance (above all coins)!!! The price is 0,00010..... 70% drop in one week.
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liliya0530 diegomt1986
@diegomt1986, now only buy. 0,0002 its good price
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kitkat16 PRO diegomt1986
@diegomt1986, It's only dipped the most because it was at an ATH lol.

Don't spread baseless FUD because you want something bad to come true.

The market cap has been correctly updated on CMC now.

Do some research on the coin and the team behind it- they are excellent. I'm not some APPC shill, I'm a strong believer in XVG, XLM, BTS, ICN, TRX too.
APPcoins has all the conditions to reach $10 per coin by mid year given the lower market cap than expected. They BURNED the remaining coins so as not to flood the market.

PS. I have over 1 million XVG which I bought on Haejin Lee's recommendation at half a cent. I have made a small fortune and have been doing this long enough to recognize a solid team/roadmap.
Anyway, just chill out with the hate on APPC man. Because you'll look foolish if it moons.
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diegomt1986 kitkat16
@kitkat16, NOW is good time to buy. Do you think I can spred FUD????? Thanks, I do not have followers. But I was warning about this coin was overpriced since was 0,00028. I was right. NOW YOU ARE RIGHT is at good price.
At that time I´ve write about VERGE that was going down.
Personally I try to not get involved in coins that people have "strong feelings" about the coins, when the price is high because are too risky.
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