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$APPC #AppCoins - the only way is up!

BINANCE:APPCBTC   AppCoins / Bitcoin
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Someone asked for an update on $APPC.
Since my TA beginning of Jan, APPCBTC managed to breakout of the triangle and go to the first target.
Afterwards the whole BTC drama began and the attention started to drift away from AppCoins.
The price slowly drifted down as well.

I still have my Appcoins position intact, in case you're asking.
Why? Well if you look at the chart, this is a fairly new coin, a few weeks! trading.
The bottom seems to be reached, and logically there is only one direction APPCBTC can go: UP.
The RSI is oversold, and funny thing, you can see in the past days so many sells!
The sad reality is, people usually sell at the bottom!

In terms of future, the price can go only up. The question is when exactly.
We need a price catalyst for that to happen. I will wait for that, no rush.


So.. what are your targets with appc for the next month?
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would be nice to see it bust out of this falling wedge. I think they are listed on a new exchange called Lekke today. Might be a catalyst for the start of a new impulse? Perhaps that and the release of APPC beta just as the Koreans are allowed back into the market would be perfect timing.
Gonna rocket soon regardless. Got a BIG old bag too. Can't wait.
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