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Ardor $ARDR is the MOST underrated crypto right now!

POLONIEX:ARDRBTC   Ardor / Bitcoin
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This is not a selfish shill nor is it another bogus attempt at depicting yet one more coin as "the next ethereum ." First let's understand what Ardor is, that makes it fundamentally novel from literally everything else out there right now.

Ardor has essentially made token creation as simple as making a Wordpress or Squarespace - no coding required, with a suite of integrated products from NXT's library as well as a plug-in marketplace. Before you roll your eyes at this in the way that you roll your eyes at Wix or Squarespace or Wordpress, thinking that that will just open the door to tons more shitcoins, just think of how many people use Wix , Weebly, Wordpress and Squarespace for that very reason. Think of how many people started creating content and participating in that once mysterious confusing thing called "the internet" back in the early 90s. Think of how the bright shiny colors of the then 'simplistic' iMac in the late 90s attracted people into buying a computer who otherwhise would not have done so. Think of how iOS and it's silly skeuomorphism served the purpose of acclimating our parents and grandparents to the technology.

The trend with new technology fields is that over time as infrastructural elements are created, platforms for user friendly mass adoption are created to move "downstream" - down market to segments which are less technologically adept than the last. Ardor

You can thumb your nose at it, fine. But it's sure as hell going to achieve mass adoption and may even become the most used platform for token creation. At a market cap of 2 billion there is plenty of room for growth, potentially even during and through the next bitcoin pump.

Second, Ardor $ARDR is very new with its network having launched on January 1st, so the market is still just finding out what Ardor is. One reason for it being so undervalued in terms of price.

Lastly, being so new, the major exchanges like Bittrex and Poloniex which have already adopted Ardor for trading (how often do they do that so early in a coin's life?) have been experiencing outages which are still going on as I write this. HitBTC is the main exchange for currently buying $ARDR, so just try and imagine the kind of growth it will achieve once its back up on Bittrex and Poloniex.

Ardor will soon be in the top 20 of valuations, and quite possibly in the top 10 in 2018.

P.S. Also keep a lookout for IGNIS tokens. IGNIS was the first token to launch on Ardor's platform. There was a massive sell of recently from those that received their tokens through the NXT airdrop in December but that seems to be leveling.
Bình luận: ARDR trading just returned to Bittrex. Get ready for the moonshot! :)
Bình luận: STILL SUPER BULLISH!!! Bought a lot more. BTC will pump very soon, to be followed by the strong fundamental alts. Ardor and IGNIS will be in the 2nd Tier of that wave. Stay tuned :) and buy more!!!
Resisting quite well today. He would probably have bulled today if that didn't happen. Was just about to buy some yesterday.
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