ARNBTC There are a chance to gain 100%


Hello traders, Here I have checked the 4H chart of ARNBTC!

The price has had a correction move, after a long time peaceful,

I predicted in my previous analysis and we got the price action!

After the short correction, the price is ready to break the triangle zone

Since price has hit the triangle zone ,

there has been signals of downtrend slowing .

The candlesticks are showing the beginnings of a change of

command from bears to the bulls.

I believe that price has found a true bottom.

I am expecting an up move up to begin,

it will break the pressure level 0.0003500.

If price successfully breaks pressure level at 0.0003500,

price could extend further to the highs.

I will be updating this analysis if it exceeds 50 likes.
Giao dịch bắt đầu
Bình luận: I hope the price break it
Bình luận: Mart running peaceful,we just hold
Bình luận: I will hold now -6%,i will find the reason why the drop
Bình luận: Someone sold 325000 @ market price,so the big drop,now it back
take are again
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is it good time to buy arn now, for short term?
Phản hồi
And ?? Hold ?? there is some hope ??
Phản hồi
It is not recovering to full extent..lets see one more day.
Phản hồi
srnassar retiringsoon1
@retiringsoon1, Do we remain patient and wait? Or does the recent downtrend towards $3.25 (from almost $5) mean we should cut our losses? I'm willing to stick with it if it's likely to bounce back... Thoughts anyone?
Phản hồi
@srnassar, depends on what btc will do..will it tank more tjen we are done
Phản hồi
Trade active ?? Target ??
Phản hồi
I suppose stop losses were triggered once it hit 30000..it will recover i think..
Phản hồi
srnassar retiringsoon1
@retiringsoon1, starting to see movement... now at $4.30. Let's hope this trade makes us happy.
+1 Phản hồi
I traded at $4.80 and now we are seeing $4. Should I accept loss and pull out?
Phản hồi
Im new to this and just started follwing your work, you're a great trader, thank you!
+1 Phản hồi
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