ARNBTC on Binance 90% Profit Potential

BINANCE:ARNBTC   Aeron / Bitcoin
ARNBTC             on Binance is forming a large bullpennant or symmetrical triangle if you want to call it that. What's even better that inside this triangle, an ascending triangle is forming. When BTC             dropped last week all alt coins except ARN             went down, it actually pumped while everything tanked. Since ARN             has been quiet, probably waiting to surprise us all again.

Right now it looks like we could dip down to the trend support, if we do, that's a perfect buy opportunity for us. The greenzone is where we should buy. There's a chance we won't dip down to the buy zone, if you want to take a safe gamble, put in 50% of your stack, if it dips down to the greenzone, put the other 50% in.

Targets are:
1: 0.00035894
2: 0.00045988
3: 0.00063559

Take profit at each target to minimize risk. You choose how much you want to sell, keep in mind we might not reach all three so selling 10% at the first hoping to sell 90% at target 3 might not be possible.

MACD looks good, it's pretty flat and ready to go. Stoch is in the green zone as well but we should wait and see if it will become oversold (see white arrow). As I write this, it looks like it's resting on the moving average, so we could potentially bounce up from here.

Set a stop loss 10% under your entry price. If you want to minimize risk move your stop loss up as price goes up. This could also minimize the amount of profit you make. -Premium & VIP Crypto Trading Platform, for advanced and beginners.

- Daily trading calls

- Daily profits
what happened? why it pulled back?
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