We make hard choices in life, when will ARN decide its worth?

BINANCE:ARNBTC   Aeron / Bitcoin
ARN             has a choice to make. Let's say it's attending a 21st birthday and its offered illicit drugs. With its whole life ahead of it to save millions of lives in the future will it
A. Smoke the dope, become a stoner and head for a life of sideways trending with the occasional ups and downs.
B. Say "no" to having a smoke and meet the girl of its dreams and take a literal honeymoon on the moon?
I believe in it, with such a good upbringing and team behind it, its ready for a strong life in the LONG.
As a disclaimer, the girl he meets could turn out to be a psycho.
Bình luận: Obviously, bitcoin directly effects the price. Whats important is that it hasn't forced it to drop out of the triangle (it pushed it numerous times) which is telling me that there is enough support for ARN. I am however prepared if this falls out to pickup at a cheaper price.
Bình luận: Looks like a flat base has formed which could indicate strong acquisition. Could this result in the blue line being our next goal for a breakout? Lets see!
Bình luận:

Has it found our blue line? Let's see. It will be making a decision very soon!
Arn is following btc moves...if btc corrects to 8k, arn will hit to 10ksats...
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