ADX Trading System Overview! Link To Video!

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ADX System Overview

So I Came Across Another Trading System for Only $997. However, if you purchased in the next 24hours the whole system could be Yours For Only $497.

So I decided to Code it. This is only Version 1, and I discuss in the Video What I’ve found so for, some plans for Version 2 of the indicator, and I ask for your feedback on anything you find.

Indicators used in System:
CM_DI_Plus_Minus_V1 (Indicator On Bottom).
CM_ADX_V1 (Indicator On 2nd Pane).
CM_Gann_Swing_Hi_Lo (Indicator on Price Pane). This Indicator was published before…Link Below.
Link In Related Ideas Below

Link In Related Ideas Below

Link In Related Ideas Below

In Video I go over settings and how to customize charts.

Link To Video:

Link To Downloadable PDF Shown in Video:
Thanks Chris this is awesome.. ..
Phản hồi
No Problem
Phản hồi
Hi Chris,
Just one basic question regarding your video: There is no audio. Is it as is, or maybe it is my system?

Phản hồi
console vthen
your system
Phản hồi
Just double checked...there is volume on the video...
Phản hồi
vthen ChrisMoody
Got it! Thanks. Strange audio bars - all of the same height - never seen before.
Phản hồi
Good...Glad it's working for you.
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One thing I have noticed about the +DI and -DI lines is that when the +DI is rising and the -DI is falling it is often a good time to be long. And conversely when the - DI is rising and the +DI is falling it is a good time to be short. This situation often develops before the +DI and -DI cross.

I have also noticed that when the +DI and -DI come very close together for a time (a DMI Squeeze) and then begin decidedly moving away from each other, it often signals a good entry point.

The problem with this is that the +DI and -DI lines are very choppy so it can be difficult at times to determine when the lines, overall, are rising or falling. Perhaps some non-lagging smoothing of these lines could help.
Phản hồi
Agree....I'll get around to testing at some first though is adjusting the settings would have the same effect as creating a soothing mechanism with the settings left at 14...but an Idea just popped in to my head that I will test out soon...I will let you know if I find it valid...
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stenor ChrisMoody
i really look forward to what you will find in creating the most effective way to use the DMI and ADX, or any other method to help differentiate between a trending and non-trending market.

A new idea just occurred to me I want to share with you just in case it will spark additional ideas for you. This one is about the +DI and -DI lines. The idea is to:
1) First invert the -DI (by subtracting it from 40) so that it moves up and down with the +DI.
2) Next smooth both the +DI and -DI values (like with a 5 period RMA or so).
3) Then Add the +DI and -DI together and divide by 2 to create a midpoint of the two lines.
4) Finally Smooth the result (with something like a 2 period RMA) to create a single directional
5) Then calculate a second version of this line shifted (one period or so) ahead. Longs would
be when the first Smoothed +DI/-DI is above the second shifted line and shorts would be
when below.
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