Auroracoin approaching buy levels

BITTREX:AURBTC   AuroraCoin / Bitcoin
Aurora coin AURBTC             is reaching the bottom of the channel signaling a possible buying opportunity. Smart thing to do would be wait for confirmation near the 0.0001950 level. Or you could do like me and try and scalp several bounces as this coin has done in the past. While everything seems to be tanking auroracoin is doing fine. I see an opportunity. Let's make this coin fly.
(Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. You own responsibility for your trades.)
Bình luận: I'm trading this on multiple short term time frames. The scalps between 30 min to a couple hours. The main move up several hours to a couple days. Thanks for watching.
Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu: Limit sell order reached.. And bitcoin is bouncing. =-) what a day...
Yeah, waiting this to bounce.
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flywithme cryptodoob
@cryptodoob, Yup. Forgot to mention my sell target is near the top of the channel. How about yours?
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cryptodoob flywithme
@flywithme, I waiting for a big jump, like double from now and will sell half of my accumulation , keep other half for long.
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flywithme cryptodoob
@cryptodoob, Sounds good buddy. Personally I think the fundamentals on this coin are rather sketch so I wouldn't hodl but if you want to that's up to you. ;-) Also I recommend selling in stages near the middle of the daily range as the order books are rather thin so it's a bit hard to get filled.
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cryptodoob flywithme
@flywithme, Yeah can't agree more with you on everything, but the orders books have been like this from the start but somehow its's increasing, looking out the daily chart's will sell when it seems bearish on the daily, let's see how it does.
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