BAT Trading Plan - 65% Profit Target Potential this Week

BITTREX:BATBTC   Basic Attention Token / Bitcoin
Here is a detailed trading plan for BAT. If everything goes as expected, an easy 63% profit could be made this week.


A "Mercury" preview is scheduled to release sometime today. This could trigger a quick 10-15% profit potential.

BUY: 5400
SELL AT TARGET PROFIT 1: 5900-6400 SATS             (~12% Profit)

The price is expected to dump down to the 1st support line as people sell the news where you can set 50% of your buy orders in the small blue rectangle just above the 1st support, around 5400 sats             . If the price dumps below the 1st support line, it should fall down to our main accumulation zone where you can set your 50% buy orders in this zone, around 5000 sats             . At that point, your average accumulated BAT price will be around 5250 sats             .

October 12-13:

This is the date where devs have promised to release "Mercury" along with all the partnership news. We will start seeing some price action here in anticipation to the release. There is a heavy resistance at 7000 sats             so it would be advisable to take profit at the green zone right under "Target Profit 2", between 6800-6950 sats             (30% Profit for a total of 42% profit so far). On release, I expect that we will easily break that resistance, but don't buy until we get a confirmation that this resistance has been broken. These buys should be placed at the "Rebuy Zone" at 7150 sats             . Our target profit will be at 9000 sats             and grabbing profits at 8700-8900 sats             is advisable (Another 23% profit for a total of 65% profit).

Good luck! Trade at your own due diligence and remember to ONLY invest what you can afford to lose. This technical analysis is assuming that "Mercury" will not be delayed AGAIN for a 3rd time (It has already been delayed twice).
Bình luận: BAT actually dumped on the Github "Preview" release. Looks like the majority of people chose to sell the news so we missed the chance of going to Target Profit 1. We are currently in the "Accumulation Zone" where we can stack up on more BAT. If you are still holding BAT and was anticipating to catch Target Profit 1, it is not a good price to sell at due to this big sell off and holding would be the best bet imo.

TP2 and TP3 are still active targets for "Mercury" release next week.
Just bought some under 4800. Just gonna HODL. Don't care what the whales do. They can knock it down to 3000 for all I care.
Phản hồi
i bought it at 5600, should i sell it now :(
Phản hồi
JoeFares vlzxczxc
@vlzxczxc, You should be good by next week prior to Mercury release. I believe it will reach 7000+ sats! HODL
Phản hồi
Man... I've been waiting 3 hours and still no BAT updates.... That company...
Phản hồi
YousefFares mightytrader
@mightytrader, They promised an update today. Let's wait and see :)
Phản hồi
mightytrader YousefFares
@YousefFares, I think they're playing games with us. Good thing I have my STOP-LOSS set in case they DUMP as I suspect they may do. They might say there's another "delay".
Phản hồi
mightytrader YousefFares
@YousefFares, ABSOLUTE garbage SCAM coin. All it did was DUMP! COMPLETE TRASH! Stay away from this scam, BAT!
Phản hồi
JoeFares mightytrader
@mightytrader, It is far from being a scam coin. But I believe BAT is heavily manipulated by whales that suppress the price whenever they want! BAT is a solid long term hold imo and I believe the above analysis will get into action if "Mercury" is not delayed for a 3rd time.

If "Mercury" gets delayed again, then I am personally never going to be touching this coin again.
Phản hồi
@JoeFares Last night, I got stopped out. I was the low seller of the hour between 10pm and 11pm. I KNOW Bittrex deliberately did this and I am not going to trust their stop-loss system anymore.

THEN... I was about to buy back in when I noticed the Twitter feed had a new update on my browser tab. INSTANTLY the price jumped from 50's to nearly 53 and I bought the high for the night. Then I saw it starting to crash so I sold out around 52. Glad I sold this scam coin.

This is my second time I got cheated.

I'm not going to play with this coin again.

I'm just sticking to GDAX because they have good stop-loss limit orders. Just staying in ETH for now.

To me, all these coins are scams at these prices. Ether is not a scam coin but it is barely in beta stage software so it's not worth these multiple hundreds of dollars, IMO.

So, I don't like holding onto coins for "investments" at these levels. I think $20-$30 per ETH is fair price for a good investment.

BUT it will take a long time for it to touch those levels again... if it does.
Phản hồi
mightytrader mightytrader
actually it was in the 51's that it jumped to almost 53, I believe.
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