BINANCE:BATBTC   Basic Attention Token / Bitcoin
There's something stirring in the ERC-20 coins, multiple buy spikes on Bat Omg Zrx and others, probably the fact Coinbase are adding ERC-20 supportleading to expanding their assets on offer - The likely candidates for ths have all been spiking - Bat is as dollar cheap as it gets, great entry point - If the candles follow the chart we should see a nice rise soon at the arc, the square vertical edge marked in blue can also sometimes accelerate the price
Bình luận: That man Bat man broke out - You see on the day candle chart how the rally is happening around the square vertical side - The vertical can accelerate the price up or down
Bình luận: Not so bottom dollar now *) up 60% since the call - Resistance between 0.0000377-0.00039 might pause or stop the price
Bình luận: Haha!
Bruh. Next time i will pay more attention when you post haha
Phản hồi
@Aromur, everythings kicking in spring, it was exactly the same this time last year just different coins *)
Phản hồi
You da man!
Phản hồi
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