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Bitconnect to moon, 20x opportunity

HITBTC:BCCBTC   BitConnect / Bitcoin
Hello Friends,

This is our call to paid members and up to the public.

After the regulatory body issue, Bitconnect closed its doors for lending. then they have released all the coins in one shot, which caused panic among the coin holders and pushed the price to $15. Now, they will come back strong as an exchange.

Here is the news about that

Here is our previous call to paid members:

We gave a paid call to our members at $15 for a target of $150-$200, later to $300.

well, few things are dealt on Telegram than Trading view. We are just 300% up from our call.

Still plenty of room to grow.

Both Bitcoin cash             and Bitconnect use the same ticker - BCC             which can cause confusion.
Bình luận: Well, it is normal to retrace after 300% growth.

as per the news, we would hit $150 if things goes well.

It is pure news based call, there is no technical.
Bình luận: There is rumor or some news going on that Bitconnect comes with Bitconnect exchange (BCCX) coin, and they are accepting Bitconnect Coin (BCC) to buy BCCX and the valuation @$150/ BCC.

Means, Buy at $23 and sell at $150 on BCCX and get the BCCX coin. It is purely your call.
Tự đóng giao dịch: I am not promoting this coin. But I am buying this coin at $9.5 and investing it for BCCX ICO. It is very risky trade. RISK is purely mine.
Channel :

For Smart Trade : Register here. You can do trailing sl or take profit easily.
Bitconnect was a scam, research it yourself. Try reading through the comments on their latest twitter posts, most recent being Jan. 19th, or see how they had a DDoS attack ongoing for 4-5 days, which isn't a realistic duration, during the decline of btc until they were forced to close the exchange abruptly, and now they have no support available, and nothing works as it should. People are saying they aren't even able to compete a purchase for the next scam coin bccx ico with their bcc. Invest in bitconnect at great risk. It's most likely not to zero yet because die hard bitconnect fans are still holding, in shock that they lost so much value, but as they accept the reality they will sell and bitconnect will continue its decline.
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maheswar81 ubuntutnubu
@ubuntutnubu, upto you guys.

I am not promoting this coin. But I am buying this coin at $9.5 and investing it for BCCX ICO. It is very risky trade. RISK is purely mine.
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please don't promote a scam
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maheswar81 pdawgstar

Please post a confirmed report on scam?
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Why are you promoting a SCAM?
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maheswar81 mindblock

Please post a confirmed report on scam?
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Bitconnect was basically a scam, its very dangerous to now invest in this coin as any new scandal might make it drop like a brick.
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Please post a confirmed report on scam?
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k995 maheswar81
1 : Its (it was) an MLM put ontop a pyramid scheme promising huge returns.
2 : They closed shop suddenly without warning handing out tokens they knew would tank
3 : Everyone involved has been deleting video's they made promoting this. A lot never used real names or never gave family names promoting .

I never had any money in it I dont care but this was a scam it would have never worked how it was designed and the design it had was o get big returns to the owners and those early in.
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