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Bitcoin Cash (BCC / BCH) vs BTC & USD (160-400% Potential)

BITTREX:BCCBTC   Bitcoin Cash / Bitcoin
Bitcoin Cash ( BCC / BCH) started moving yesterday, it started to move, started to move strong. This completely changed the charts and gave us an opening to a new trade, even with these declining markets... Let's see what we are looking at here, but first, why is Bitcoin Cash price climbing when everything else is going down?

You know how big and easy news move this market, the cryptocurrency market, and there are big news for the Cryptocurrency community. There is a conference in Mexico from the 15th to the 18th February where many cryptocurrency experts will attend and give lectures about the cryptocurrency markets and other important topics. It turns out that Bitcoin .com, owned by Roger Ver , Bitcoin Cash main guy, is the main sponsor of this event. Making it basically a Bitcoin Cash sponsored event, so this can be one of the reasons the price started to move up suddenly.

*** Indicators

- On the chart above you can see how the MACD just crossed over and it is trending upward. You can see plenty of room left for growth. If more momentum builds up, Bitcoin Cash has the potential for a very strong run.
- The TD indicator is giving us another positive signal. We just started a new green count after reaching a full 13 negative count, this is a good sign, we will know in a very short few days how exactly this trade will develop, no need to wait long.
- Bitcoin Cash movement started after reaching a bottom @ 0.1206, a price that hasn't been seen since December 19th, almost two months ago. So basically two months of retrace and consolidation from our last run... We traded that one as well. It was a profitable trade.
- The price broke and remained above the EMA30 & 90 price line, this is a very positive signal. This was a resistance point that was easily broken and will now serve as support.
- The weekly chart candles, chart formation and overall picture, gives us room for plenty of growth. Closing this week positive can give us the next week a strong run. Let's trade Bitcoin Cash , let's make some money with this coin.
- The fact that Bitcoin Cash broke free from Bitcoins hold, is also a positive signal.

Note: There are some bearish signals for this trade, so this isn't 100% bull time but, this is a trade that can be done. Keep your stop loss and watch and... Let's Trade!

*** Trade Instructions

Buy-in: 0.144 - 0.178


(1) 0.196
(2) 0.240
(3) 0.312
(4) 0.427 (All Time High)

Stop-loss: 0.139

*** Message of the day: Inspiration

I am inspired to tell you how good we do, you do, when things don't go our way.

It is good to learn to prosper, even when things are not looking so great.

Times change, the season passed. Don't worry about the summer, winter won't last.

Time is today, the world seems so great, why not take a minute, to cherish yourself?

Why not take a minute, to develop your Soul?

Yes, take some time off, to know who you are.

Thank you for your continued support.

Namaste my brother, such an incredible beautiful Soul.

P.S. Please allow this trade time to develop. :)
Patience is the key to success, here and everywhere else.
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Bitcoin Cash vs USD its a different story but still looks pretty similar to our BTC chart.

Looking at it from the exchange BitStamp, Bitcoin Cash had huge volume yesterday, which is really good since the volume was low on the BTC side. This means that people used more USD to buy Bitcoin Cash rather than BTC.

The MACD is also crossing over and there is plenty of room for growth.

The TD Indicator is also giving bullish signals. This is good for our trade, let's see how it goes.

Here is the daily chart for Bitcoin Cash vs USD (you can see similar patterns with the chart above):
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: The order book is filling up nicely on our side for Bitcoin Cash (vs BTC), this is good news.

For Bitcoin Cash vs USDT, the orderbook looks "ok" on Bittrex, not as good as the BCCBTC one.

Anyways, there is lots of potential, specially if Bitcoin Cash decides to go against Bitcoin, so for this trade we are looking good.

Thanks for your continued support.
Bình luận: I saw Roger Ver on TV yesterday, maybe that's why Bitcoin Cash was pumped.

We are still within range. Please allow this trade time to continue.

Keep your stop loss active.
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: This Bitcoin Cash is killing me. Let's hope we don't hit our stop loss.

This trade is still active.
Bình luận: We are within buy-in range.
Bình luận: We are pretty flat on the USD side (BCHUSD).

Bitcoin Cash going down vs BTC because Bitcoin is going up. Pretty obvious, but I still believe that it needs to be stated.

Here is the 4 hours chart for BCHUSD:
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Please allow this trade time to develop. When Bitcoin finishes its final leg down, Bitcoin Cash will have its moment, then it is time to move on.

This can take several days, at the least, to develop. So let's wait patiently and see how this goes.

Bitcoin Cash vs BTC is holding strong around the EMA21 level, which is 0.144 on the 4h and Daily charts. The next level to look at after this is our stop loss.

Bitcoin Cash vs USD is holding much more stronger and it is holding nicely between EMA7 & EMA21 on the daily chart. It doesn't look like it wants to make any harsh movements, still can go down a bit, but not that much (relative to our hugely volatile cryptocurrency market) so on the USD side it looks more stable. This is a simple hold.
Bình luận: Keep your stop loss active. If it hits stop loss, then close this trade and we will visit again in the future... but I rather not. Bitcoin Cash seems to be more manipulated than Ripple (which is hugely manipulated).

So I might as well forget about this one since each time the charts point one way, the manipulators go the other.
Đóng lệnh: dừng lỗ: Trade closed: Stop loss has been activated.

I will try not to revisit this coin for a while, highly manipulated.
Bình luận: I am not a fan of Bitcoin Cash because of the manipulation but the charts here look good for a long term hold / trade.

So if you are looking for long term trades, you can hold this one and wait.

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can you please give a listen to the beginning of this podcast ?
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BCH is doomed. BTC has improved speed and efficiency and also Bitcoin Private coming along.
Hate that Ver and Wu idiots manipulating. Hope they get put in prison
Phản hồi
Stop trading stop it.
Phản hồi
Ok. I wont sell my coins at this price, so another long waiting, im becoming extremely patient, thats new :/
+1 Phản hồi
Wanna make money, wait for all trades to hit stop loss then buy in
Phản hồi
Lol, and up it goes
+1 Phản hồi
@alanmasters If you adjust stop loss to 134. This trade looking good ;)
Phản hồi
What do you think about this Alan?
Phản hồi
my dad is balls deep in bcash, pls sir, family need food
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