BCC Outlined Compressing Triangles

BINANCE:BCCBTC   BitConnect / Bitcoin
Another bitcoin             derivative charted so it is easier for those looking to invest to find the ideal time to buy. Waiting for a break through the upper trend, accompanied with news for bitcoin             or bitcoin cash             as this would be the driving force for a strong rise. I've added a fib retracement so people can see the expected levels bitcoin cash             will be tied-up around. This way you can manage your buys and sells based upon when the chart reaches or heads for a new fib level. It looks like we are about to touch the lower trend line , hopefully we will see a reflection (bounce) off of this and move upward since we've already had some good pins come down to touch lower fib lines. This giving support to bitcoin cash             moving into a more bullish trend .

As with other bitcoin             derivatives, remember to keep an eye on bitcoin's movements. Good luck trading.

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not selling bcc ?
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@HawtaAhmed, If bitcoin encounters trouble then I think BCC would have the potential to slip in to fill its place along with BTG, BTCP and possibly BCD when it becomes steady and less pump and dumped.
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