BCHUSD possible long op (time for my bear rehab?)

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Ahh well, sometimes you just need to admit things didn't go like you thought and hope you didn't act too arrogant when things were going your way, that applies double if you did get it right (note to that Goldbug guy ;) )

Bears and bull? Maybe some people really are divisible into these two groups, it takes all sorts after all. Anyway.... I don't think that's me, but I'm not ready to take off the bear mask and throw it aside just yet. Anyway... let's talk about beautiful BCH!

Let's look at the fractal patterns that I pointed this out in a former chart, the only thing that is different is that the last pink box has been extended downward to accommodate the loss of trading channel. Hmm.. "loss of trading channel" doesn't really sound bullish , but the god's of the market seem determined to end this correction and I have to say the fractal patterns match very well.

I've drawn a large blue box, but I'm not seriously thinking this will get that far. Possible targets are based on previous levels:

1650 (this is hidden bonus level)

1310 is just above the 200 daily MA (red) and this will be a real tester, assuming we get that far. We also have a bear cross between the 100 and 200 MAs (not too serious) on the 17 April, which is maybe when we get there. This may lead to rebound down.

Looking at the previous breakout, it's possible we may wick into Ichimoku cloud and rebound there. This would also take place right under the 200 MA, so 1310 is definitely a level to watch out for in my opinion

If we fall below the 20 MA (blue) then it's likely this was a fakeout.

Bình luận: Slow, bearish movement made me take another look at BCH and readjust the downtrend to include the "fakeouts". Seems they line up nicely with current candles. Guess what BCH still hasn't broken out according to this
Bình luận: Need to break RSI 60 for high volatility BCHUSD pump, good luck everyone
Bình luận: BCHUSD at the 50 MA, clear that these averages are important. RSI at 60 with minor deflection, this can be undone with a nice pump today
Bình luận: BCHUSD just broke out the 12hr cloud and pumped above the 50 ma to 940 USD.
Bình luận: Next test for BCHUSD as it nears overbought on daily RSI (stoch RSI is maxed). Last time at this point on the cycle, we took a brake. Conditions are pretty much the same, except now volume is much less. This could be a good region to expect 24 to 48 hr pullback, take profits or enter
Bình luận: BCHUSD long trade target 1600, entry range 860 - 920.
The 200 daily MA stands in the way of the target, but BCH is a very volatile coin when it gets pumping, also 5 wave has always been over extended. Warning it won't stay up there long.
(This assumes we get a pullback first and that Soros doesn't kill us all.)

Bình luận: Damn BCHUSD broken 1000, next likely stop is 1070
Bình luận: BCHUSD: 4hr RSI is 88 and approaching rsi all time high of 90. Daily rsi is relatively low at 70. This makes me think a reversal is likely, but bullish is full of surprises. 4hr volume is also 10x less than at rsi ath! Other signs include continuous decline in 4hr volume.
Bình luận: next level before 200 ma is 1160
Bình luận:
Bình luận: Guys check out this 4 hour chart and tell me there isn't a strong similarity between the moving averages in the two marked areas! I think we will test 200 daily moving average like all other coins are doing (some have already broken it). If we haven't finished this wave before then, we will pullback and consolidate. This pump has real potential.

Only negative is that we didn't have a period of consolidation (very tight averages, see first square) before the pump, which is what I was waiting for.
Bình luận: BCHUSD: made it to 1160 and now waiting, there is resistance at this level... no problem, we will get to the 200 ma... They have a plan ;) yaaaa, ok here's how I see things: right now we've been doing a scaled-down version of the large pump fractal from Oct to Nov 2017. Target is still 1650 BUT this depends on high volatility which this run is just not showing yet. There are no spikes or shadows on the candles because imho, volume is mostly being driven by whales. Compared to 2017 volume is tiny and that goes for most markets except bitcoin (BTC). I expect we will break the 200 ma but how high I don't know. BCH is always full of surprises when the crowd goes full bulltard :p
Bình luận: ...but is the crowd big enough?
Bình luận: 910 - 980 is may buy-in range, 200 ma is my target, I know longer believe we will break it...
Bình luận: hmm.. doesn't look like they'll be a pullback, price is determined to go up at all costs. i won't be trading this. Good luck though!
Bình luận: Hey guys, got to confess I fomo'd yesterday on BCH previous target of 1650 still stands am aware there is also hidden resistance level at 1360. I have reason to believe Bitcoin will either pump hard or dump today/tomorrow. It's a gamble, I decided to get on, up to you. Happy days!
Bình luận: I just sold my fomo buy from yesterday and will seek re-entry in low 1200s - I hope for multi-day consolidation at this level. This is what happened in the past, but bullishness is unpredictable. I do believe this has potential to moon (hence my rebuy), but I'm no pro trader :)
Bình luận:
Bình luận: lol too damn bullish XD
Bình luận: Bought back in before I went to bed last night, now I think things will move along very fast, I won't bother to play the pullbacks
Bình luận: I'm still in on the BCash, target is moon
Bình luận: BCHUSD: things look good as BCH consolidates at the 1400 USD level
Bình luận: BCHUSD is rocketing
Bình luận: BCHUSD: still going. We broke a key resistance at 1480 and now we're pushing towards 1570. It has to be said we aren't showing the same power that we had in the run up from the bottom.

If you look at the chart you might notice that the current consolidation is very similar to the last at 720. Also the stochastics are very similar. The fractal overlay is a scaled down copy of the run up from 720. It fits "ok", but not great.

We need to break 1570 to bring more buyers in. Risk is not insignificant at this point.

Bình luận: Moving up. Levels I'm watching are


Bình luận: BCH at 1640 res level. Pretty sure we have quite a way to go, but we might get a short rest here.
Bình luận: Also keeping an eye on BCHBTC, we just broke up from a wedge-like price structure. Now only the descending log trend stands between BCH and...
Giao dịch được đóng thủ công: Sold the remainder of my BCH.
Bình luận: BCHUSD has formed two tops very close to each other again. I'm still watching the price closely, but I expect more down before up.

Bình luận: BCASH! I think we made a top here - compare with other shaded areas. Most likely scenario imho is formation of a W-pattern with max. bottom at 0.786 level (1370 USD), or 0.618 (1470 USD) in case of bullishness.

I believe we are in the middle of an altcoin bullrun, if so we should form a successful W-pattern, else it will fail.

Bình luận: BCHUSD update
Bình luận: BCHUSD bounced at the 0.786 level (1370 USD), which was the bottom of my buy in range. I'm making a small purchase here.
Bình luận: Sell target is 1660
Bình luận: BCH lunacy. Here's a chart based on the phases of the moon - buy full moons, sell new moons at least that's the theory. An uptrend (green) occurs when the net price increase from a full moon to the next new moon. Today is a new moon and the price is pretty much same level as last full moon, I sold my BCH and look to see what happens.
Bình luận: Sod the new moon. I have buy orders at 1410 and 1390
Bình luận: BCH has good support at this level, expecting move above 1500
Bình luận: BCH update: let's just see
Bình luận: BCH followed the fractal perfectly but looks to be denied at the downtrend
@BarclayJames, you won't believe me if I tell u that I still have some BCH left. So, your bearishness > my bearishness :D
Phản hồi
@hkh222, Like I said to doc cash in and cash out. I'm just accumulating btc and usd.
Phản hồi
cI8DH BarclayJames
@BarclayJames, cool ;)

I also cashed before the drop began. I am now 70/30 bearish/bullish. The bear in me getting stronger :D

I think bulls have one more chance as long as we are above 8.6k.
Phản hồi
+1 Phản hồi
@qdoc, Cash in and cash out bro ;)
Phản hồi
qdoc BarclayJames
@BarclayJames, u might catch the pumps i won't; good luck mate (hope u sold your btc in time also) ;-)
Phản hồi
@qdoc, nope, I HODL'd that. Don't mind so much if BTC price goes down - I have more faith in that than BCH and you can trade it for alts.
Phản hồi
qdoc BarclayJames
@BarclayJames, ok mate see what happens ;-) and yeah faith in btc will be tested
+1 Phản hồi
@qdoc, I think we'll have more uppage, it's just taking a rest at this level and accumulating :)
Phản hồi
qdoc BarclayJames
@BarclayJames, good luck mate i've done my chat cameo for a bit going back to observation mode ;-)
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