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I like BCC or BCH, because it is faster and so on, compared to Bitcoin CORE. It is also minable, which makes it ....mmmm, more honest than ETH and NEO, for instance...The problem here is that what we see is an engineered pump. Using bots and small amounts of 0.05-1 BCH for trades continiously rising the price. Who can afford this? Well, it is not a problem for people, who own lots of coins. The last 2 days I saw a lot of activities that aimed rising of all coins. Many people and organizations claiming to be "confidential" or explicite were saying that one or another coin will rise. AND...they jumped. The EXACT coins jumped. Followed by the others. What is the outcome. Well, some of the those organizations or people (part of the them popular here) made a lot of cash on the back of the silly investors. Want some examples? See CINDICATOR or ELF. Before that, those people did the same with WTC , Loopring and etc.
So, this is the game in crypto now - you bet what will be next coin to be promoted by TOP analysist or "secret"organization. And you might win. The probability is 1:100, since they do not promote coins out of 100 marketcap. As I told you, the market is still 5-8 higher, than the real value behind the projects. It is up to the investors to make it real or to blowup the bubble, and make ponzi analysist, very, very rich. They will squeez the market and leave it. Believe me.

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