BitcoinCash #BCCUSDT - possible downward correction?

BITTREX:BCCUSDT   Bitcoin Cash / Tether
The price of BCCUSDT             had completed the impulsive wave at the level of $4,198 and now is developung a complex corrective wave 2. There is clearly missing wave C of this correctiion. If the level of 2059 will not hold, then the implsive cycle to the downside might bring another leg down to the level of $1,810 and below.
Tự đóng giao dịch: A textbook example of a corrective wave C.
Upside now? First, the price must break out above the level of $1810.
Giao dịch bắt đầu: The next target for the wave 5 of the wave (C) of big (B)is at $851.
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Good call!
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This coin is just starting its market at Coinbase so a larger drop is unlikely.
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@matoa, Everything gets dragged down by BTC. When BTC drops hard everything will follow. It doesn't matter whats supposed to be breaking out or whats newly introduced on an exchange.
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Cradlethebomb Cradlethebomb
@Cradlethebomb, Watch BTC, when it finds bottom BCC will also find bottom.
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Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash / Dollar = BUY
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Today’s drop is unclear to me. BTC is up, even if marginally. GDAX is to re-open BCH trading in 2 days. No bad news. Yet price dropped very sharply and very suddenly. Might be a du p before GDAX re-opening, otherwise it is unexplainable they way it happened - at least in my view.
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@mike21ap, This is a full correction. This has happened before. Its normal BTC behavior. Plus it makes a lot more BTC available for the rich to buy up, by scaring out all the newbies.
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What’s your reasoning for the drop?
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