BITFINEX:BCHUSD   Bitcoin Cash / Dollar
When faced with crossroads like this, what do you do?

It can be a 50/50 chance that it goes either way, up or down. Sounds like a no-brainer, huh? Trying to pre-empt the move and getting it right may be ego-satisfying but in the game of trading, I have learnt to put ego at home and not mess with Mr Market. Let him decide and follow his direction.

That means, see which way it breaks out, up or down. Then let the price pulls back, and take your appropriate entry. This way, it minimise risk , avoid unnecessary risk and stress too. What do you think?
Bình luận: seems well supported at the 2400 price zone. let's see where it goes next.
I agree. In my chart the last day to break it out 23.01. Expect will happen within 2-4 days.
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dchua1969 AndrewSentif
@AndrewSentif, thanks for sharing your views.
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I agree with your analysis. Also seems like Mr Market decided.
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dchua1969 perfido
@perfido, Thank you for your comments. Best of luck, pal.
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Im not sure about that. There is somr resistancr, but bch have showed us strength the last days/weeks. I think the bottom for sure is at 2050 ish, but it can change if btc correct any further. If btc is heading up i dont see any reason why bch should fall. I have already started entry, and have 3000-3100 as target 1. I Will reduce mye position at T1 and look for a pullback. Then mye final target is 5300 to 5800. There i Will close my position and be happy with my profit. I think we have good chances getting to 3100 within a short period. I like how its building up theese days. Funny to trade breakouts and long green candles, but also fun to be om a good position when it climbs steady and building power for Next level! Good luck. Just ny opinions. I May be wrong!
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dchua1969 Bjorneriklien
@Bjorneriklien, thank you for your comments. I hope it works out as what you expected.
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are you sure? up or down?
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dchua1969 Crypto_wiz
@Crypto_wiz, thanks for dropping by. I am not sure, hence I post the chart with two arrows. Is a buy now as at time of writing.
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