Tested the resitance... no problem

BITFINEX:BCHUSD   Bitcoin Cash / Dollar
BITFINEX:BCHUSD             broke up the triangle and went far as 2000 usd last night and it quickly went down to the 1700 usd mark.
All eyes are on COINBASE:BTCUSD             and that's may be the cause of bicoincash lack of strength.
Relative strength index ( RSI ) is neutral and its a good sign, also the MACD just passed the neutral zone at 0.
The chart is lined up to have a even greater bullish trend in the next few days we just need to wait bitcoin             to calm down.

the resistance zone at around 1700usd hold well the price and it was a good sign.
Now we just need to be patient.

this is my first post here so take it easy.
thank you all and have a nice day :)
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Still waiting volume to reach our objective
Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu: Enjoy your profits :)
Thanks a lot for your TA! I've been waiting for BCH to break out for like 3 weeks now and nothing happens yet!! I put a lot of money on BCH while watching other coins explode 3, 4, 5 times even shitty coins have done super well... I don't why BCH is so stagnant like this...I've seen so many great news about it lately and so many solid TA as well but nothing happens at all I don't even consider what happened yesterday as a breakout in comparison to BTC/LTC/DASH/ETH/XRP etc... I hope something happens this week otherwise I'm done with it no matter what. Thanks again
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Zielinsky money78
@money78, Yeah my friend, I was so pissed off when litecoin and Eth exploded.
Just Relax, we are in the same position.

If you do sell, then what are you going to buy? Bitcoin, Eth, IOTA? wayyyyy to dangerous. I'll be here with my bch waiting to go to the fu***ing moon haha
Like I said all eyes are on bitcoin right now but when that fomo ends... woww boy, bitcoin cash will be the next thing to travel to the moon with no place to land and everybody will be like
- How i missed that s**t?

It may takes one day, 4 days or 1 week and who cares? you probably will double your money.

So I will stand my position.
have a nice profitable day bro!! see ya!

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DrJLT Zielinsky
@Zielinsky, I really like your way of thinking. LTC crazy gains -> unbelievable. I believe only because of coinbase / gdax bitcoin distribution and the ensuing fomo.

Having said that, I tried to short xrp twice and lost some money. The market does what it does.

I also lost a lot of opportunities holding bch. And I have BTG -> think about that.

Btw, people are talking about $500 LTC next week. whatever.
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@DrJLT, I would NEVER short cryptocoins it seems way to crazy for me. Imagine shorting something that grows at least 1000% a year. Dont do that, only if everyone is talking about this. I MEAN EVERYONE

Maybe we are in wave 3 in LTC but its seems crazy to me.

Imagine bch going 3x this week. What would you do? sell and collect your profits!

People are doing the same with Ltc.

daily Ltc rsi chart looks extremely overbought and that's dangerous.

I also lost opportunities holding bch and that's why you need not to focus on only one coin.

this past week I saw a great opportunity and went all in in bch. My mistake? Probably. Life goes on.

I don't know nothing about technical analysis in BTG sorry :/

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Kak dumete- pervaja celj kogda prodatj cnto bi perezakupitsja..?? 2350..? I perezakupitj 2050?
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@BBENTAYGA, My name is polish but im from brazil, haha sorry. I can only understand portuguese and English.
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