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Bitcoin Cash - Bitcoin Cash _is_ Bitcoin. And It's $400.

BITFINEX:BCHUSD   Đồng Bitcoin / Đô la Mỹ
Below is mandatory reading for all viewers, in my opinion. The rally we got started was at the recent $380 peak before today when Bitcoin .com published an article directly declaring Bitcoin Cash as the Bitcoin:


Also mandatory reading in my opinion is Reddit's u/singularity87 making a great post summarizing the history of the Bitcoin community, the censorship that's gone on, exactly how this fork drama came to be, and why Bitcoin Cash came into existence and what it really is. You need to spend an hour reading this because it's an incredibly correct summary of the truth.

I can confirm this because I was around at the time of the $290 bubble and the Gox collapse, left crypto, and only recently came back. I have the juxtaposition of how things used to be, and am completely unbiased as I wasn't invested in any cryptos until August of this year. I even wondered why the hell my Bitcointalk account was banned. Now I know.


Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin . Bitcoin Cash has been fully bear market corrective cycled and is ready to go. We are currently breaking up, on volume , out of the long-term downtrend line, and have broken upwards out of an ascending wedge .

Bitcoin Cash currently is a crypto you can buy for 3 digits.

In about a week and a half as this fork drama heats up and the large players behind Bitcoin Cash like Roger Ver and Jihan Wu et all start to make their investment realize their gains, Bitcoin Cash is going to be a currency you will only ever be able to buy for 4 digits again.

Think about how easy of a long this really is, whether you believe in the project or not, or whether you've been poisoned by Blockstream's PR department or not. This is all about making money.

And this is the greatest chance in crypto history.
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Where is entry point now you think ? Thank you...
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I missed the buy oportunity , but the thing is i have 10zec i brought at 255, should i exit now and be at a small loss and invest in bch or should i wait to be in a + on zec then invest in bch, cause zcash looks like its going to 300 ? do u think bch i will only go up and up from now? damn dont know what to do. pls any help is welcome , tnx
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RiversAndMountains CryptoCyberpunk
@MiljanMarkovic, It's hard to say but I'd say you have some time before Bitcoin Cash starts to really pump. Reality is Bitcoin Cash, if it's Bitcoin, is selling for $369 but it is actually worth $6,000. ZCash is not worth $6,000 or even $369.

Patience and risk versus reward.
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CryptoCyberpunk RiversAndMountains
@RiversAndMountains, i know, my ideal solution will be to sell zec at 280-300 have some profit and then enter BCH long, but here in article says the pump will go in about week and half and bch will go to 4 digits i dont wanna miss good buy , cause i dont have a lot of money maybe for 5 bch MAX and thats not a loot.
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RiversAndMountains CryptoCyberpunk
@MiljanMarkovic, There's a lot of ups and downs along the way before things get rolling, in terms of hours, minutes, and even a few days.

Find a good point to deal with ZCash since you bought the top and build a position in Bitcoin Cash as it drops after hitting $400. It may be in a cup and handle, but I havne't had a chance to take a look at it yet.
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CryptoCyberpunk RiversAndMountains
@RiversAndMountains, As soon as ZCASH gets arong 245 250 i will get out and buy Bitcoin Cash, i cant get out of ZEC now too big of a loss, and i hope BCH gets to 340 350 for a better buy point :) Any update is welcome, and tnx
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RiversAndMountains CryptoCyberpunk
@MiljanMarkovic, Check out my latest post on Bitcoin Cash entry points. I think you should get a chance to buy in the 350s again if you're patient.
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CryptoCyberpunk RiversAndMountains
@RiversAndMountains, I will , and i am, i learnt to be patient the hard way , via few big losses,but i hope zcash will get to 250 level by that time so i wont be at a loss there :)
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imkeshav CryptoCyberpunk
+1 Phản hồi
I totally agree ... get in while you can
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