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(Trade thread on (check my signature) will be posted in a while)

It's been a while since there's been an opportunity for a long trade on Bitcoin Cash             , in terms of what's safe and responsible to call at least.

Looks like we've found that situation.

BCH has diverged from BTC             primarily because the BCHBTC             pair has finally broken out above 0.18, MMs             have absorbed the dumps, and have continued to push price up.

BCHUSD             price has followed in kind.

This trade is best traded on a 6H candle closing above the wedge line at $2,550

That being said, it may move too fast for that, so I recommend taking a 50% sizing of your normal trading position now and filling the rest on a minimum of a 1H close over $2,600.

Target will be the 0.236 Fib at $3,500 and the prior high at $4,000.

However, if price action reaches these goals we will have to reconsider at the time.

STOP should be strictly adhered to at $2,300 to account for pullback.

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Bình luận: trade thread now live (In my signature)
Bình luận: First update to trade thread on after early pullback.
Bình luận: update actually live. Sorry! I had the window open but forgot to push save

Bình luận: New update to trade thread.


Pullback was in the area we anticipated. BCHUSD looks very strong in a market that is somewhat chaotic with the accompanying BTC pump.

I discuss that in the new update as well.

This is a more difficult spot to trade, in general. There is lots of risk of bear trap, bull trap, and fakeouts. We use patience and controlled risk to navigate better spots and hope our stops hold up.
Bình luận: New update to trade thread. We're trading pretty sideways at the moment and it's hard to judge what the market makers are up to. As it stands now, there's no reason to deviate from the original strategy.

Patience is key.
Bình luận: New update to trading thread.


There is now greater risk of a pullback, in my opinion, and so stops should be adjusted accordingly.

Price now dips beneath the meanline from $300. We'll see how the situation develops over the next 12-24 hours.
Bình luận: In the trade thread I adjusted the stop from 2,300 to 2,400 and it looks like it was for exactly the reason of the action over the last 8 hours or so.


On the 15m candles it's an ugly giant Head and Shoulders formation.

If price action can regain $2,450 with momentum we should have confirmation of another run.

Long trades should not be entered until this is achieved, however.
Bình luận: New update to trade thread as well with more indepth analysis.
Bình luận: Sorry for late update. New update to trade thread on


I feel this is a difficult spot to day trade, but in terms of trading on longer time frames you're actually amidst an opportunity to accumulate.
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Lmaoooooo get rekt to all those people hating on me when I told you this isn't going to take over Bitcoin anytime. Bummer guys, maybe next time. :)
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@Shockinalive, BCHBTC ratio is nearly double the last time I saw you.

Curious, isn't it?
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Shockinalive RiversAndMountains
@RiversAndMountains, it's still not even near to 'replacing' Bitcoin. The price is actually the same as where it was 2-3 months ago. The price going up has nothing to do with replacing Bitcoin and being (as most of you claim) 'the real Bitcoin', it was going up because of momentum. Coinbase taking advantage of the weakness of Bitcoin yet you brainwashed people still believed it might be turn-over.

Your lovely Bitcoin Cash is just another altcoin just as any other coin on the market, you shouldn't mislead people by telling them that it's the strongest coin and it will break all other coins including Bitcoin. See ya at 100k mate with BITCOIN, yes the king coin not an ALTCOIN. :)

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Any update Rivers?
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nothing to say?
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Any update?
It looks like BCH has some very strong signs of bull run. Not much fall during last correction too.
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how do you know when the next difficulty adjustment will be ? i tryied to google it and cant find it anywhere?
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KingMR HiroshiDen
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