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Is this the bitcoinCASH (BCH) breakout we've been waiting for?

BITSTAMP:BCHUSD   Đồng Bitcoin / Đô la Mỹ
Chart speaks for itself.

Targets vs btc are to hard to predict, that's why I didn't post them. I feel it's better to usd targets for this one.
Re up to 0.22BTC???
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what do it with BCH???Down to 2000$ other up to 3000$??
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Herklos pawela122
@pawela122, Hold
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What are your feelings here!? Update?
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Doji-Star OmarHalawi
@OmarHalawi, Craig Wright is Satoshi, and as he has said "the war is already over" Bitcoincash will beat the segwit fork
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I saw the breakout earlier, and could avoid thinking of your posts :D
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lol 4390 ok bu 5 6 k no way. Not enough fuel in roger pokets for that.
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