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BCHUSDT Next Explosion is about to come

POLONIEX:BCHUSDT   Bitcoin Cash / Tether USD
Hi there, Bitcoin Cash             is setting up for next shock.

How you can trade,

1. Watch bottom or trend line for the price action for buy before the breakout.

2. Watch strong breakout of the corrective ranges with strong candle that strong candle can appear because of the news event. If so simply buy that breakout. If not sure how to trade then head to the previous Bitcoin Cash             chart and have a look what kind of breakout you need to look for.

In case price breakdown the corrective ranges or breakdown the trend line no sell will be there it will remain bullish . We will watch the pattern formation and will look for more buy.

5K will be easy for Bitcoin Cash             to hit but we will for 7K or 8K target in next 3 to 4 months. It has the potential to hit this target even before that.

So watch bottom for buy.
Bình luận: That what you need to look for on lower time frame. Before making any decision for buy watch for price action then buy. we have not seen any price action at last bottom price just broken though.

Currently we are having trend reversal pattern which is a good sign. watch it
Bình luận: One more wave down is possible before reversal.
hmm where is your update
Phản hồi
Update please?
Phản hồi
Very constructive analisis thanks wave trader!
Phản hồi
Question: is this plan still valid?
Phản hồi
Great man, thanks! Keep it up :-)
Phản hồi
lmao please stop. bch will never go below 2200 again. only thing you are right about is the 6k target.
+1 Phản hồi
Tabooalley bossl1fe
@bossl1fe, and there it is.
+5 Phản hồi
You say it has the potential to go to 7k or 8k, but each successive fork is better than the previous bitcoin. Based on this progression and theory, each previous bitcoin should stabilize within a range with a beta that is proportional to the inverse percentage fork it was; i.e. bch was 15% fork, so it should have 1/.15 more beta bitcoin; about 6x the beta. Then btg and bitcoin diamond should move even more % terms because they are even smaller forks, of 3% and 10%, so their % moves should be even more pronounced. And then bitcoinX and bitcoin file should theoretically make even larger % moves. But eventually, all of these bitcoins will fall into a range, just like real fiat currency, and their ranges will stabilize so long as they keep forking. It's just supply side economics.
Phản hồi
bossl1fe josephtse
@josephtse, it will be 100k by the end of the next year if not earlier. all other forks are a scam. its the reason why trezor doesn't support any other fork other than BCH.
Phản hồi
Maybe, maybe not. You are not showing the whole graph. zoom out, and you'll see those spikes are making lower highs. You made a terrible call on Bitcoin last month, and I don't trust you anymore. All you do is pump. You never give a short call, or at least I've never seen you.
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