POLONIEX:BCNUSD   Bytecoin / Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
We should be making market it on this coin. find retail investors and show them the value of this reasonably priced coin. To the Moon as they say.https://bytecoined.com POLONIEX:BCNUSD            
Bình luận: Minergate has been mining BCN and Monero with much success. The CPU and GPU (non ASCI) miners and clever ways to do so via command line, wallet, and tools such as the pool mine @Minergate and there set of mining tools for beginners and GH/s miners.

"Couple of clicks to start mining cryptocurrencies together with more than 1 million people from all over the world. – e-NetworkAssociates.com https://e-networkassociates.com/couple-of-clicks-to-start-mining-cryptocurrencies-together-with-more-than-1-million-people-from-all-over-the-world/ "

The more adoption of use in and with Bytecoin we think is soon to change and only for the good. J. Goldberg at bytecoin.org has led the revamp of the brand that is ByteCoin. As you will see if you are familiar with ByteCoin that the B logo has changed both in colour and style. This is coming at a time when development work has been revealed and the devlopment team is open for the community to see and follow.

Two major things are on the horizon.

One is the web wallet is out of Beta.
it is @ https://bytecoin.money . A super simple wallet that any one and I mean any one can use. Given its heritage as a coin capable of being untraceable the wallet is clean and business only. ANY DEVICE that has a browser and internet connectivity has access to an easy to load wallet on the go anywhere.

Now we wait for the release of a Native Mobile App for iOS and Android. Keep an eye out for it. When it enters on the App stores, Google Play. etc. it will be to a user base of potentially hundreds of millions of users. See: https://bytecoined.com/30-oct-bytecoin-bcn-native-mobile-wallet/

This is a perfect time to get people into wallets even funded paper wallets.

Small business, SoHo and Non profits would do well to look at Bytecoin as a low cost solution for payments, anon donations and settlements etc. But for some the most important reason is one of tprivacy and BCN is untraceable. Many vendors around the world, in the the un banked world and the west want such a way to "bank" and do so with out transparency.

Although bytecoin had it's initial release in 2012 it has not made rapid development, at least not publicly, and the cost of this coin and it's use /adoption was I think reflected in this.

Now that the Development team has a new transparency, and has released the web wallet in concert with the new bytecoin.org, BCN is set to have a resurgence amid this renaissance. There are millionaires to be made in ByteCoin. Buy a million or two today while it is still a bargain.
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