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BlockMason Credit Protocol (BCPT) Trade (260% Earning Potential)

BINANCE:BCPTBTC   BlockMason Credit Protocol / Bitcoin
BlockMason Credit Protocol (BCPT). Get ready for another wave up! We are going straight into the trade instructions and then we will take a quick look at the signals and indicators.

BlockMason Credit Protocol (BCPT) Trade by Alan Masters


Buy-in: 0.000052 - 0.000062


(1) 0.00007441
(2) 0.00008921
(3) 0.00011311
(4) 0.00013011
(5) 0.00015181
(6) 0.00021451 (New All Time High)

Stop loss: 0.000042

Trade strategy: Aim for profits. Looking at the sticks on the candles for this coin, if the price goes down suddenly your stop loss can get activated yet the price bounce up pretty quickly. So if you want to trade this coin long term and make sure to still be holding it when we start to reach our targets, then skip the stop loss. If you want to trade short term and want to get out if the price suddenly starts to go down, then activate a stop loss.

Charts, signals & indicators: The charts still need more time to develop. The MACD and RSI are curving and trending up, while BCPT is now trading above the SMA20 (green) price level. Please allow time for this trade to develop. Try to buy in closer to the lower end of the buy-in range.

Message: A New Morning... Today Is A New Day!

Today is a great morning. Today is a new day.

Whatever today life has to offer...
I am open to it, open to receiving, today is going to be a great day.

The adventure starts again.
There is passion and compassion, in everything that we share.

The joy will be expressed once more.
There will be hugs and kisses, but in between we will fight some more.

The lessons will be learned.
There will be tears and discussion, in the end we always understand...

That tomorrow will be a new morning.
That today is a new day!

Giao dịch bắt đầu: We are within buy-in range. Feel free to buy in, re-buy and reload.

Here is the 4 hours chart and our short term support levels:

Please allow this trade time to develop.

Bình luận: This is still consolidating. Please allow more time for this trade to develop.

It can take a few more days or weeks before it finally takes off.

Patience is the key.

Here is the 4 hours chart, you can see that we are trading within an ascending channel:
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Flowing Money & Love... To YOU!!! ... Namaste.
Can you please Update?
Phản hồi
alanmasters imfamousrajat
@imfamousrajat, Buy within buy-in range, hold and later sell on target.
Phản hồi
This can be C&H.
Phản hồi
Hi bro, When can we expect to hit he first target?
Phản hồi
alanmasters imfamousrajat
@imfamousrajat, It can take a few days to a few weeks max.
Phản hồi
great stuff Alan, I've send you a DM, if you have a chance, take a look :) cheers Wes
+1 Phản hồi
@WesLee8, Received. Not interested in RPX right now. But thanks for the message.
Phản hồi
Awesome stuff bud. You helped me a lot so far
+1 Phản hồi
alanmasters connorcranston
@connorcranston, It is my pleasure. I am glad to be of assistance.

Phản hồi
OKCASH in Bittrex
Have a look at it Alan
+1 Phản hồi
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