Bitcoin's Historical Super Bull-Run!

BNC:BLX   BraveNewCoin Liquid Index for Bitcoin
The title says it all, but for the sake of our fans, followers, and critics what we have here is the road map to the most epic bull run in history.

Bitcoin             , the story of the underdog of global currency.

Bitcoin             went up against every major financial institution on earth. While many from the start looked and said it was nothing, and as time progressed said it would never make it this far, bitcoin             continued. In the face of all the gatekeepers, in the face of negativity, haters, top callers, you name it - bitcoin             trumped them all. It almost seemed like the more people wished bitcoin's demise, the stronger he got. Feeding on a daily diet of bears, bitcoin             has done the unthinkable and smashed through the resistances - both monetary and psychological.

While some made fortunes and others lost theirs, we reached a point where no matter what anyone says, those who sold too early are now gnashing their teeth at the coin they once thought had topped. Top after top, bitcoin             continued like a badger, without a care in the world. Making dips only to call for his favorite dinner to come, delicious bears. Even at time overconfident bulls got served as steak because they had the fear of missing out and got in at the wrong time, all bitcoin             did was get healthier.

If ever a story of the underdog was told again, you will hear of bitcoin             , the greatest underdog that ever lived; not physically but ..virtually. He is going towards his target, which incidentally will save McAfee from doing the unthinkable, among other things. Bitcoin             the badger of money is headed to the previous historical top trend line which has bitcoin             at a price target of over $500,000 dollars.

We here at Apex have always read the market, not rewrite it to fit our narrative, if bitcoin             says up, then up we go, if bitcoin             says down, then down we go. Let the chart show you the way because the trend is your friend, until the end.
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My favorite chart, by far. Two highly probable outcomes.
Phản hồi
26-30 and there we go back to 10-7k the nost epic bull run you dream of will start
Phản hồi
DanielBela PRO DanielBela
@DanielBela, will start but not now maybe next year or the year affter
Phản hồi
Nice analys, my badest decision all time was that I started trading bitcoin in September. I did exactly the misstakes you describing. The worst month for bitcoin in this year. But hopefully learnt something. :) Keeping what I have left.
Phản hồi
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