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Don't get greedy! The top may be in or close, in BITCOIN!

BNC:BLX   BraveNewCoin Liquid Index for Bitcoin
This screenshot shows the trend angles. For some reason upon publication the main chart on this idea doesn't display them correctly.

Please note the above idea is just my opinion.
Please discuss yours. :-)
May 12
Bình luận: 100% transparency and disclaimer here. I originally thought $6k would cause a significant correction. Then $6.2k, then $6.5k. That never really materialized. So I could be way off here, I just don’t think so.
This rally does have the potential to literally turn parabolic, which is why in my opinion it’s best to slowly scale out at major resistance with stops just below major support.

This rally could very easily be the next bull market beginning, or it could just be a massive B wave forming with a C wave bear market yet to go. From what I’ve learned in my past year and a half of experience, this seems like a textbook B wave to me, but I’ve also been wrong a lot recently.
Take that for what you will.
May 15
Bình luận: Fair warning, we have a bull pennant forming and it seems to be attempting a break to the upside. Target would be $8,500/$8,600 which would be a perfect candidate for a top. I still believe we are very close if not already topped out, so be careful here. But to those of you that I have warned to sell, this move is possible and so is a move to upwards of $10k. I believe the ultimate top will lie somewhere just after $9k or right at the $10k border, IF we get that far.
Stay safe.
May 16
Bình luận: Crossposted here from an idea by @MrRenev-
I'm an amateur, but it looks to me your short may be spot on. If we don't overextend yet again, anyway.
The black box IMO is where this should of stopped, but they heavily overextended it. There was gigantic sell volume in the sell candle directly underneath the black box. I believe this is where smart money exited.
The white box is where I believe this rally ends, to fill shorts.
The higher this goes past the black box, the harder and faster we're going to fall IMO.
This is gonna be fun to watch.
Let's see what happens everyone.
May 16
Bình luận: This could very easily turn into a gigantic 3rd wave with a huge retracement, then a push to $10k for the final 5th wave. Just FYI.
May 20
Bình luận: Everyone wants cheaper bitcoin right, and because of that they’re ignoring the writing on the wall.
Wait and see- the institutions announcing their presence right now are nowhere near as bullish as everyone’s makes it seem. They are here to short our market into the ground again courtesy of Tether so they can accumulate a very strong position in Bitcoin for when it’s time to turn net long. Need I seriously remind everyone what happened shortly after the day futures were first released into this market? Now imagine ATH as Tether and CBOE/CME as Fidelity, Bakkt, etc.
When it gets worse and the market implodes because of it, institutions and those who pay attention will be in strong short positions. Everyone, EVERYONE was talking about Tether for all of a week and then as soon as ‘the bulls’ started pumping the market everyone saw dollar signs and ignored the bad news.
The bulls are pumping it right now for a reason and I’m betting everything I own that this is NOT going to a new all time high without a new low first.
Shattered will be the hopes and dreams of all you moonboys out here ignoring the warning signs right in front of your face and it’s laughable.
This parabola won’t end well.
May 26
Bình luận: $12,300. I believe this may be our final top.
Putting this here for later.
May 31
Bình luận: $10k/$13k highest we go I think. This falls in life with my original thoughts.
May 31
Bình luận: line**
Jun 07
Bình luận: Attempted to post this unreleased idea shown here:

On a new AlanMaster idea shown here:

And this was the result. Notice I also included a picture of the recent comments I have made. In one comment I was discussing this potentially happening with Giorgio, and the other comment I'd discussed this potentially happening on an idea of London55555. So, where is this 'moderation' need coming from exactly?
Did I break the rules any time recently? What did I do to deserve my comments on other peoples ideas to be censored? This along with the fact that my 'The Satoshi Signal Appears.' idea being completely hidden from anyone but my follower base is a strong indicator someone is trying to shut me up.

I find it incredibly interesting that for some reason I cannot post immediate comments to peoples profiles anymore.When I go on to Alan's idea about Bitcoin people are freely posting comments, so am I the only one with this problem?

Also, notice the front page and how it's mainly bullish?
Jun 07
Bình luận: To people's ideas*
Jun 08
Bình luận:
Jun 15
Bình luận: Be careful out there..
6/18 is almost here...
Jun 19
Bình luận: In this idea...

“I am noticing that after breaking out of a daily bear flag, Bitcoin may be printing an ascending triangle with a target just under $10k. Keep an eye on this.”

This may be Bitcoin’s final rally. Fib retracement from the dump we experienced yesterday just below $9k to what I believe to be the first sub wave of this next/final rally shows these targets:
Notice how $9,969 is one of those targets? Possibly, THE target?
y e e t
Jun 23
Bình luận: Fair warning, $11.6k is in the cards. I believe that what a chance to be our final high for the 5th subwave of the 5th wave on the daily. I’ll post later why, can’t show it very well on mobile but the easy explanation is that on Bitmex, $11.6k is the 50% FIB of ATH to current bottom.
I just recently realized the 5-3-5 I’ve been suspecting from ATH has already completed. 5 down $20k/$6k, 3 up $6k/$11.7k, 5 down $11.7k/$3k. That wave however, could just simply be an A wave, and if this is a B wave as I indeed suspect, then we are looking at a 5-3-5 for B wave as well. That said, we are finalizing by my count a 5th subwave of a 5th wave. If that is indeed correct then that means the A subwave of the B primary is complete or very near complete. Then we have a substantial retrace to re-test bottom, and then and ONLY then will we find out if we are in a bull run or not. The way this looks on the daily and weekly, one way to gather an idea of whether this is a B wave rally or a new ATH forming is to watch for how violent the correction is and what fib retracement it stops on. B waves are violently fast, and if this IS simply a B wave forming then I’d expect a catastrophically fast correction downward for the B subwave. If this current rally is simply the A subwave of the upwards B, then the B subwave of B will be violent and the percentage lost will be upwards of 60-80%.
If my knowledge checks out, then we should not break below $5k at any point hereafter if we are in a bullrun. Any break below that and you can kiss the bull run hopes and dreams goodbye.
Please remember I am an amateur and these are only my thoughts.
Jun 23
Bình luận: To get an idea of what I mean, see here:
Magic’s A subwave would be 5 waves. The B would be 3 and the C would be 5.
Though, I do see a higher low holding and not quite $3k immediately off the bat. His ABC would technically be the B subwave of the primary B wave. This would create a very slightly higher low, then we rally again for the final 5-3-5 subwave C of the primary B wave.
The more I think of it the more I begin to realize we may have indeed already topped out at $11.2k for this rally. I guess we will see in coming weeks but if indeed we are in a B wave bear market rally then the timeline of it takin place would be right in line with a catastrophic fall to new lows later this year.

Bình luận

Like it! Thank you. I only (opinion ofcourse :) ) disagree with such a bear market price target. Years above the thousands.... I dont see buyers letting it get that low.

We shall see-- you may be right!
+2 Phản hồi
@jack_hartmann, If this is simply a B wave correction in a multi year bear market then once it stops I will have much more defined targets for the bear to end. The way bitcoin is currently rising makes me believe that $12k or so will be the top. If so that would put the final targets somewhere between $1k and $2k. Offhand I believe the final target at this point will be right around $1,200. Could wick to as low as $935. We will see. I need more data, so I will have to see where this rally ends. I just don’t think this is it yet. This rally has gone parabolic at this point and we all know how 2017 turned out.
+1 Phản hồi
Great chart, bro!
+2 Phản hồi
@AIMORAN, Thanks dude.
+1 Phản hồi
I will give you advice. Never use the wave theory in crypto as your main indicator, cuz often it doesn't work. This is not a stock market.
+1 Phản hồi
@portfoliox, I assure you, it is far from my main indicator.
Phản hồi
TheEWGuy portfoliox
@portfoliox, His EW is wrong...dont disregard ew for that..
Phản hồi
@TheEWGuy, The last time I was told my Elliott Wave count was wrong, we had the moon to $5k. Even I didn't predict it to rise that fast.
Let's see what happens this time :^)
Phản hồi
TheEWGuy deactivatedaccount123
@deactivatedaccount123, btc can drop to 1k and still ur ew can be wrong...
Phản hồi
@TheEWGuy, Of course it can. Elliott is entirely dependent on hindsight.
My preferred indicator of sentiment is real time. :^)
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