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BNB (Binance coin) +85% target 0.00165 BTC next 24 hours

BINANCE:BNBBTC   Binance Coin / Bitcoin
Pretty straight forward. All markets down. BNB is a good safe haven, plus it's building and it gives you 50% off trading fees when you have a small balance of BNB on your Binance account. Bitcoin is doing well, but BNB is doing better at the moment.
Bình luận: How's that for accuracy?
Bình luận: Happy to take donations. If I can gather enough, I'll grab a pro account so I can make nicer charts.

Bitcoin Address: 124499N2DPkVKAxNZmKjmPYxjq8TiiS5Sj
Ether Address: 0xD016e20E83292443E9Be97D4a96d0A7e84f2106e
Bitcoin Cash Address: 1GMtXPPTNzAFD6t1EKKw5VdX4F9fRJgfoM
Bình luận: By the way, check out Kucoin.com the new exchange. KCS is their coin similar to BNB on Binance, but Kucoin I've heard actually shares dividends via KCS coin. Probably a great place to set some long term positions.
Bình luận: Update on exchanges.. Bittrex isn't accepting new users now either. A friend referred me to Kucoin which is working very well. It's easy to setup, site is fast, reliable, much better than Bittrex and comparible to Binance. They also have KCS coin which is a Kucoin coin similar to the BNB at Binance, except that Kucoin pays dividends to the coin, thus increasing it's value even more.

I may start using this one, and it is supported under Cryptofolio and Tabtrader apps.

Bình luận: Well, that was kind of close, but it leveled off. Time for a new chart.
Bình luận: Quick update
Bought BNB after your post, thank you, I'm investor just now. Waitng...
Phản hồi
Thank you for your post,
By the way the exchange site (https://www.kucoin.com/) is not good, site is slow, take a lot time when withdraw,
Until now my withdraw still pending even past 6 hours already.
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zgroten Nghiant
@Nghiant, Were you trying to withdraw ETH by chance?
Phản hồi
Tin.Foil Nghiant
@Nghiant, kucoin.com is the fastest exchange I've been on so far. Very quick. Maybe it's slow due to your location. 6 hours for withdrawal isn't bad compared to many other places right now. Every exchange is overloaded, many are not accepting new clients because they have be so far lagged out. Hopefully they all get upgraded soon. Only drawback about Kucoin is no app yet and I haven't found a 3rd party trading app for it, so I probably won't use them much this week. Maybe next. I do want to get into KCS coin on their exchange. I probably should have done that yesterday.
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Any updates? Will it hit the target or is it good time to sell?
Phản hồi
when is the next BNB token burn? it's coming in Jan 2018, last time I saw
Phản hồi
Tin.Foil crosscounter
@crosscounter, Mid-January 2018 I'm reading.
+1 Phản hồi
@Tin.Foil, Bnb burn happened day before yesterday..that's why price hiked...
+1 Phản hồi
Tin.Foil crosscounter
@crosscounter, So maybe in a week we'll see BNB continue to move. Good long term possibility.
+1 Phản hồi
@Tin.Foil, @Tin.Foil, thank you. enjoying your analysis so far... would love to see more Binance coins though! :) keep up the great work
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