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#BRK +78% target 0.00013060 BTC

Another bullish flag . Measured flag pole in pips and projected gains by height of flag pole in pips.
Bình luận: Wait for it? Might be delayed a day or two? hmm..
Hi! Get out of this or it will go up? Please update.
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Man this guy is horrible
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hahahhahaha you so right
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might be resuming it's climb here.
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Tin, also wondering were there any factors that led to missing the target last time or could the same thing occur here? Or are you pretty confident this time? (not complaining just wondering what your thoughts were).
Thanks again for the great work Tin!
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thanks Tin. was thinking that if you are worried about not posting some of these 'potential' coins that are primed to break their triangles, maybe you could put your potential ones with a buy order recommendation just above the breakout price? That way we can place buy orders and not miss out on the first 10% of the breakout etc... Loving your work either way. Hope you got my tip the other day. Was about 0.000035 BTC after the withdrawal fee. Thanks again.
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Tin.Foil kitkat16
@kitkat16, I really want to get my accuracy up. With the downtrend across all markets, many of my recent projections have not come through because the market is heavily bleeding. What normally would be clear, isn't clear at the moment and we'll probably have to watch things this weekend and maybe a week or two longer before things begin to move back up again. Things will get better as Bitcoin values go up again, especially after we break out of the current bullish pennant which will lead to another rally.
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If you would catch pokemon - gotta catch them all.
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Good job!
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