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Bulls are waking up, major key resistances before retesting ATH

COINBASE:BTCEUR   Bitcoin / Euro
Holders that bought below the purple trend channel sub €7200, should be good and could set a stop loss just below purple channel if it fails as a support.

That would spell bad business and put the grey dashed support lines and the green 2017 bottom channel on the table again.

I believe that LTC bull run might translate into good volume for BTC .

Buyers that bought after the break out above €7200 need to watch the red inner bear trend channel from €17000 and blue past FIB support/resistance . As they cross, I believe this to be the key heavy resistance point that will either make or break BTC's bull awakening.

After that we do have some resistance at blue line at €8300 that is good for profit taking, and then the red outer bear channel .

I believe that the altcoins will rally pretty hard as soon as we break €7600.

It's not until we get to the FIB .5 resistance €10800 that the final battle before retesting ATH will take place.
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Bình luận:

pretty netto, €8300 should be the next target. We might have to move a couple hundred of euros until fomo breaks loose.

Might profit take there.

Buy yourself a beer if you held through the correction.
Buy yourself a bear if you traded yourself a fortune in a bear market.
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Forgot to check USD value, $10k at €8k was an obvious sell target. But we reached the charted target anyway! All good.

I'll stop loss below €8100 and rebuy on bounce at €7566.

Let's hope we break through €8283 on second try!
Bình luận: If you are a noob and wondering what the purpose is of drawing arrows both ways it is simple! There are no right answers, only probable guesses.

Trying to predict where price will go leave you hoping for market to move your way. That equals great pain.

Let the market do what it want and play it either way. Have a contingency plan for any direction it might choose to go. Your only weapons are buying (limit orders), selling (stop loss or target) and holding!
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We are in trouble know. Unless honeybadger wakes up. We're retesting atleast down to €7566
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Good for now, this is a tricky area to trade. It's 12pm in USA. Volume usually picks up later in the day but prices usually drop on the weekend.

I'll keep my stop loss and hope to get a lot over €8283 and turn it into support otherwise €7566 i still in play.
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Moment of truth

low volume though
Bình luận: almost completed iHS 100 more euros
no real sell pressure.
Bình luận:


Will 8293 break!?
Bình luận:

It's crazy how these lines really work for predicting human emotion :O

stop loss and good night ya'll
Bình luận:

boop right up god's bum , lets hope he likes it
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