Bitcoin, the lows are in

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
4 days ago I posted the red flag and 3 days ago I posted that my trading account went to full cash. Since then we flushed down 5k and I bought back in.

To be honest, I started buying early around 12k, but I bought all the way down to 9800 on btc and my lowest order fill on ltc was 137. Those coins I bought around 10k btc and 140 ltc I sold at 11k and 195 areas. I plan to use the cash in the account to buy as we form a higher low tonight.

So,....what we need to do now is put in a higher low tonight. I am aiming for 10k, give or take a few hundred on btc . For LTC this may translate to the 150 area (art not a science).

The BTC I plan on holding longer term. The LTC I buy is for a trade as LTC usually rebounds with btc for higher percentage gains than btc .

For those of you who do not trade as actively as I do, today was a good day to buy and hold. I believe tonight will continue to be a good opportunity.
Bình luận: BTC was stronger than expected last night and only pulled back to 10,700. Right now we are at 11,750 and looking to hold above last nights low.
Yeah good trading plan. All this stuff happens when I'm sleeping darn it.

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@PNUTTY, limit orders and stop losses my friend. For what it is worth, I see the majority of the action happening between 5am - 7am pacific time on most days.
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PNUTTY bcampbell32
@bcampbell32, not all brokers allow stop loss on cryptos. . . painful - time to change

yeah that seems to be the peak periods of action!
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@PNUTTY, Oh yes. I do trade bittrex and binance but during these times of elevated volatility I focus on Gdax. Mainly because I feel most comfortable with their platform, no fees on limit orders and the majority of my portfolio is in btc/eth.
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PNUTTY bcampbell32
@bcampbell32, yeh good option. I definitely need to find a better platform.

My bittrex account still isn't verified dam it.
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ghose12 PNUTTY
@PNUTTY, hey if bittrex account is verified in basic level and not verified completely into enhanced level can we trade..i can only see my limit upto 0.4 btc per day withdraw...my bittrex got disabled due to unknown reason and i rised a ticket but nothing happend only system generated reply coming everytime..Can i trade cryptos on bittrex or not ..can u pls clarify..i am from india and i dont deposit any fiat and even cant .the all thing i can do is depositing crypto and trade..and i haven't seen any limit on deposits..even my account is disabled i can still login,..can u pls suggest..thanks in advance..
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PNUTTY ghose12
@ghose12, interesting - i've been raising tickets and getting no response

they are too rich now to bother with humble me!

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ghose12 PNUTTY
@PNUTTY, sir..u have not cleared my doubt can u pls any clarification if u know ..whether i can trade or not
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PNUTTY ghose12
@ghose12, hello again ! i can't clear your doubt because i would have to ask them for you, and they don't respond to my requests .
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ghose12 PNUTTY
@PNUTTY, i didnt asked u to contact them..i just asked u so that if u know anything about the problem i am having..TQ
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