BTC up and down - Law of any markets!!!

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Bullish , bullish , bullish ... right, everybody want it when we talk about Bitcoin             . But you know, everything is equal by law, BTC             is the same.

it's go up so much faster and higher, so much deeper-then.

Now look at the triangle on my chart, you will see many peoples buy-in BTC             (include me) and make this coin to the moon in very short time. So by the law, it isnt a normal evolution, it's go up too fast, and now it have to go down.

Deep down? OK. But how? --> When the Seller = the Buyer = Bottom's triangle, everything go back to the Starting point, after the Extremist is end.

Maybe you think that prices will going down to 5k, 4k or lower...but i dont think so, the buying-power is not really strength, but you can see the selling-power is weaken, and that's signal of normal rise, prices will going up, not fast - but safe, i hope so...

Thanks for reading and Sry for my bad English!

There is a correction not only in the crypt, many things fall - Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Coca Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Tesla, Alibaba, Google, Oracle and so on. Currency pairs, metals, all in correction. (C) there is a lot of interesting news was posted today too. The money always pick the strong hands. Right now we have a lot of donors some of them make a lot of wrong choices:) sweet chart btw.
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MrCK1412 PRO WaldemarwalD
@WaldemarwalD, if the Big boys don't do that, do you think all guys who bought will selling their coin? and the market cant movement if everybody was in keep holding. And one more thing, i know this coin is a valueable thing, it have a based value (about 5k-5,6k i know), its a coin have effect to the world's technology, so it cant be broke like the nonsense thing, it isnt a white paper, i think so. And that's the reason i believe this coin will going continue it's job. Maybe it falldown several times again, but it's will going up, not fast-but safe, like i said. Thanks for your comment :) !
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