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BTC a tulip or a Revolution ?

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As JPMorgan's Dimon, what ever hes name says is truely silly. Bitcoin might be the ultimate revolution in human history. It takes away monetary power of the elite, and gives it to the people. And the best part, no one can stop it unless they shutdown the internet.

But oke lets go back to the old world elitist JPmorgans level. And compare BTC to a Tulip .


BTC: limited can go past 21 million.
Tulip: You can grow it in your backgarden, extremely unlimited.


BTC is an uncrackable highly innovating system. With unlimited techical possibilites, While altcoins deliver groundbreaking technical advantages.
Tulip: A tulip is a flower

Problem for the ruling elite:

BTC is a problem for the ruling elite, since it challanges their unbeatable position in the monetary world.
Tulip: A tulip is a flower

I can go on, but its just to stupid. JP -0.18% morgan chase 2.14% is just scared that no one will buy stocks anymore, because thats the same as losing money, if you look at what you missed in crypto. High market cap stocks like apple are already falling against lowered demand, because a steady move of institutional investors moving to Crypto.
Bình luận: Lets not forget Jamie is the only fraud here:P
$10,000 BTC! $50,000 BTCUSD by the end of next year. WE WILL BE GOLD BEFORE THE PORN, WHILE GOLDEN IDEOLOGISTS WILL EXIST . Rothschild's.
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You totally nailed it Marginbuu!
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Amazing call Marginbuu.
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hello. always watching your charts. what about the fork in november? i see many charts stop before november
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I agree this closest to logic
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I concur, especially regarding a JPM talking head suit.
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