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This is just my reference which I have been using for a while, seems to be following my plot with a decent level of accuracy. I am still working out if my long term data points are accurate, i know there is a lot of content for btc so feedback and corrects are very welcome. Imo right now we will not see btc past 2450 before completing the current wave back down again (repeating the 2012 pattern). The divided square between now and Aug 1st will be a large dump similar to the pre-empt of ltc segwit where everyone unloaded days before it became active. Honestly its a big ? I don't pretend to know what is about to happen, I see pub opp swing just a violently as the price so its anyones guess.
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Currently Sitting against resistance
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: well! That was fun! I think considering all of the long positions stacking up and success of UASF so far we will continue up. Still watching as we approach august for More segwit action.
For me you are almost correct. Should be down at 1800 (two bottom tests is enough support) and then buy hard and explode.
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Rick_James nunojusto
@nunojusto, Looks like two tests was enough good call!
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nunojusto Rick_James
@Rick_James, Yes, it seems. But for me it was only 'sell the news segwit'. It's not sustainable and should go down again.
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