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Bull trap or bubble continuation?

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inb4: http://i.imgur.com/wJGO9Vl.gif

ETH has some nice divergences from BTC here... It did not make new ATH's along with it, most crypto's didn't. I'm re-publishing this fractal that I've been following for several months between ETH and Bitcoin in 2013. If it continues to follow... this is the best price you'll see for quite some time.

Just throwing this one out to look back in several months to see if this held any water or not. Will be interesting!

This whole comparison idea started with this, 2 months ago.

Best of luck all in this crazy crazy market. I'm not actually participating in this trade, just spectating on this to see if the fractal holds up.
seems wrong this time
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noobs noobs
@lowstrife it seems to be in the opposite direction, any updates? Thanks
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@noobs, Not really much to update at this point. Not planning anything for several months.
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Great call lowstrife! Waiting for your update!
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The reason why ETHEREUM would NOT follow Bitcoin fractals is that they have a premine. All the coins are in existence, except for any small amount of stake coins if it stakes ( not sure if ETH is POS). The resistance will come from the lack of progress, Aggressive overvaluation or competition with other coins who can do the same with either lower or no fees or alternative features. ETH is not a currency. It is a utility. It's monetary value is all built on a deck of cards IMO.
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lowstrife CryptoRabbit
@CryptoRabbit, Yeah and it's had several years to dilute the holders and distribute coins. BTC was a "premine" too (not really) but mining in 2009 2010 was done by a very small group of people and coins were distributed among them.

& ETH does things other crypto's can't, so I think it does have a place in the ecosystem.
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aweiler88 CryptoRabbit
@CryptoRabbit, This is incorrect - all coins are not in existence and as it stands supply is not finite. Ethereum is currently PoW, with a block reward of 5 ETH and a target mean block time of 14 seconds. Block times are starting to grow as the ice age sets in and block reward may be reduced to 3 ETH with the next protocol upgrade (hard fork). Movement to full PoS is targeted to be mid-late 2018, at which time block reward will reduce to a dynamic range of 2 or less ETH, with block times reducing as well.
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The timeframe for the comparison is different though. Longer for BTC and shorter for ETH.
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lowstrife joeltothemoon
@joeltothemoon, I disagree, 4 months vs. 2 months.
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