A quicky BTC update

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Hi all,

Last time i claimed the BTC             was attempting a break out move and a trend reversal, this claim could still hold merit.

Im sure you, like me are a little worried about the latest dip this hour or two, as you are right to be, if BTC             continues to drop, and drop past ~7k the bears will have a stronger footing to push BTC             further down. they will face further resistance at the previous hs low which could see a bounce.

If you are actively trading, this is where I would set my trades but with fairly tight stop losses due to how this market is.

Remember though folks, this is not financial advice and any trades you take are at your own risk.

I, like all traders will be watching BTC             0.23% and will take positions accordingly.

Stay frosty,
Moglli, out.