Bitcoin Halving Pump

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
As you probably know, Bitcoin's rate of inflation (block reward) halves in early July to 12.5btc. This will halve the revenue of miners. As miners are in control of the network and presumably a decent chunk of the liquidity, the idea would be to manipulate prices upwards (x2) to keep revenue intact.

Bitcoin             has recently shed a lot of big holders because of the blocksize debate and perceived centralization, with most moving into ethereum             rather than fiat as they would prefer to stay in a cryptocurrency. This can be seen as capitulation without having to crash the price of Bitcoin             itself. The fact that the price has not collapsed in the face of this crisis shows these fundamentals do not have as much impact as most people think, suggesting market manipulation most likely by the hands of miners.

The chart above should be a self explanatory. We will move in a fractal of the previous two cycles. the similarities in stages are obvious so I won't waste my time numbering them. If you want more analysis, check my related ideas.
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