5750 USD (~Feb 10th) MAX Bottom - May rebound soon, RSI Oversold

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
5750 $USD per BTC             is my current MAX Bottom target.

The price could rebound before this however, because RSI is Oversold.

I do actually believe that global events/news + a concentrated effort by wealthy individuals/groups to push the price of BTC             down, is the bigger cause of this price decline, something that cannot be accurately predicted by technical analysis .

I will try to explain my analysis more, and post updates soon, if time allows.
Bình luận: As I mentioned earlier: "global events/news" ... "is the bigger cause of this price decline"

Today's price drop wasn't likely a naturally ongoing price correction, but more due to negative news (each subsequent story conveniently timed) working to push crypto prices further down.

Ban Complete: China Blocks Foreign Crypto Exchanges To Counter ‘Financial Risks’

Bitcoin Dips Below $7k Amidst News of China’s Full Ban of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Again, as I mentioned:
"something that cannot be accurately predicted by technical analysis" alone,
however, we can use TA to estimate support levels where even negative global news will have a difficult time pushing the price lower.

Additionally, most of the current and recent sellers are likely newcomers into crypto, many of whom bought in around all-time-high prices.

This correction will shake out a lot of the weaker traders, while lots of strong, experienced crypto holders will refuse to sell any lower.

Strong sell resistance will be met very soon.
Now is a good time to keep Holding and/or Buy.
(I am doing both)
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