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Price managed to break the U-MLH.
Now, I expect a classic test/retest and then a bounce to the upside.

There are no indication so far, that price will continue to new highs.

So all I could imagine is, a bounce back, maybe to the resistance of the blue Ray.


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Bình luận: U-MLH let's see if it shoots up:

Bình luận: Uuuuhhh...

I don't like the fact, that we are in the Fork again.
hmmm.... It's kinda stare into the abyss, when price would drop to the Centerline.

Better be careful here.
And if it really happens, prepping to buy with both hand §8-)

Tự đóng giao dịch: There it goes...idea is toast.

Re evaluating.
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TradingView Blog:
we discussed this earlier: With price relations like this (all cryptocoins) it is not useful to use linear charts. They should be logarithmic.
If you are at 4000, another 4000 is a doubling in price; if you are at 16000, +4000 is only plus 25%.
Witn logarithmic charts this is taken into account: Same vertical distance = same percent change in price. And that makes sense.
Phản hồi
forker PRO olieser
Hey Mr. O. §8-)

TNX for your comment.
Long time since our last chat...

Well, I have no exhausting experience with logarithmic charts and my Forks, only this: the bars are squeezed, and therefore not exact anymore, which is not what a Swiss Forker likes ;-)
So I stick to what I really know and what works for me.

However - Your input maybe help other technicians and is welcome at any time.

Have a relaxing evening my friend.

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@olieser, could you please guide me on how change the charts to logarithmic in tradingview
Phản hồi
forker PRO retiringsoon1
At the bottom of the chart you have "log".
Click it to activate and deactivate.
+1 Phản hồi
@forker, thank you..and also Danke/Merci/Grazie/Grazia
Phản hồi
forker PRO retiringsoon1
hehe...your welcome...bitte, volontier, prego, Per plaschair §8-)
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