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SwissBorg could be the 'ICO' of 2018. Their concept and solutions for this space makes real world sense. The 'ICO' now ended, they met the cap and will trade on HitBTC first but other exchanges to follow. Right now my favourite pick for a real world business that can succeed in this space, not just hype. Their backgrounds provide a hint at what they can do and their ads are really well done from a non-hype but tremendous potential.

Plus it's Swiss based and will follow regulations, so much better for investors. The Swiss government is pro-cryptos and developing positive regulations for the space, because they know where the money is flowing:

"Switzerland has long been friendly toward blockchain startups and cryptocurrency organizations, and is home to "Crypto Valley," a region in the country known for the number of companies developing projects based on the technology."

As always, do your own 'DD'.

Direct link to their website: https://swissborg.com/

Medium article: https://medium.com/swissborg
Bình luận: It's a great they finished the ICO on a strong positive note. They had a lost of investors pile in near the end. Strong finish!
do you know when it will hit that first exchange hitBTC?
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Miykael jamikr
@jamikr, I believe they said Feb 1st. I don't know much about HitBTC but SwissBorg is also working on others.

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the advert on youtube feels scammy?
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Miykael thedude73
@thedude73, at first I thought that too but the more you think about what they're trying to do, I think they have a good shot at it. They seem like a cross over from the real trader world to this space, so they know the money flow. This isn't tech geeks trying to just do good, it's smart money people that know how to create the right business model for the space but not make it look like it is a money thing. The fact that they created a well done marketing campaign for YouTube is a positive. I only wish they looked a little more professional in some of their home made videos. These may be the right people for this space - who would have bet on Bill Gates in the 80's? ;)
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